Mindy Westerlind Elwell Healing Through Brain Cancer Tumors


Mindy Elwell Brain Cancer Tumor Survivor photoMindy is an inspiration to all of us. She glows with health and vitality despite a diagnosis of brain cancer and unbelievably as a result of her reaction to that diagnosis.

In this interview which took place in September of 2013, Mindy shares her uplifting story of transformation as she moves through brain cancer tumors in this personal and poignant story.

She shares frustrations about receiving incorrect information from her Neuro-Oncologist, who told her to eat cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes to help her gain weight. To gain fat and ill-health he surely meant.

Moving through cancer has produced a transformation in Mindy that she believes would not have happened otherwise: “As a result of having cancer, my personal life has improved, all my relationships, I believe are better.”

Her neurological symptoms began with speech and motor control problems. She describes the pain of realizing there was something terribly wrong and of having to tell her husband: ‘I have brain cancer.’ She says it was the hardest thing to ever leave her mouth.

Several months ago Mindy had a biopsy on one brain tumor which was never removed because of its inoperable location. MRI’s show that the original tumor has not grown in size and one test could not even find the tumor. On March 13, 2014 she had a second brain tumor removed surgically. Today, March 31, 2014, she emailed to say that her recovery is going steadily with a few ups and downs.

Mindy says: “I was glowing under the belief that the removal of this tumor would be the super clean slate that I could get started with. It looks like I will be visiting some decisions on medications, treatments and possibly more radiation. It can be very confusing and I’m not quite confident I’m the one to know how to make these decisions. I continue to turn toward all the healthy alternatives before conventional treatments and my mind-body nutritional practices are all wrapped up into one. Thank you again for allowing me to share my story and I am enthusiastic about being contacted and helping people in anyway that I can.”

If we take anything from this beautiful and empowering story, may we learn that illness gives us a chance to gain control of our life and create happiness and joy no matter the situation we find ourselves in.

This is a beautiful story of healing and an inspiring way to spend 28 minutes for anyone suffering under the weight of cancer and especially brain cancer and/or tumors.

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“Something bad was happening to me and I knew it and I thought it was MS and I had the similar symptoms.”

“I said, ‘I have brain cancer.’ It was the hardest thing to ever leave my mouth.”

“Being completely unfamiliar with any of this stuff, we went right down the road of conventional treatment.”

“I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me.”

“My Neuro-oncologist told me it was silly and there was not one thing nutrition could do to change my situation.”

“I’m just this little person, you know, sort of a ping pong ball in this whole game. It’s a game and it’s a business.”

“People were calling me and contacting me, “Why are you doing so good, they gave you 18 months to live.”

“You just start planning your death, if you believe in that and I never believed it from moment one.”

“As a result of having cancer, my personal life has improved, all my relationships, I believe are better.”

“Along the way my faith, my direction became solid, I knew what I believed in and I knew it was effective and I knew it was right.”

“I completely cut out the sugar, cut the carbs out, did the ketogenic diet to the most precise directions that I could follow.”

“Just being, I didn’t have to always be doing something, my life before was this constant drill of do and clean and …”

“I don’t know who was running my life but I am running my life now but I’m a better boss and I’m better for it.”

“Your cells are listening to every thought that you have and I really believe that. The more calm I became the more at peace I became.”

“Being sick and being threatened with your life, you know, you get rocked to your core and its the ticket, unfortunately.”

“We want to surround ourselves with people like that, like minded people but people that are positive.”

“I’d love people to see that they can be influenced in one direction or another … so easily.”

“You have to do what makes sense to you.”

“I was losing weight and my Neuro-Oncologist told me to start eating cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes.”

“It’s a scary place to be but I have faith and I’m very comfortable where I am and I’m truly full of joy and so grateful for everything I have.”

“Get me out of this lord, get me out of this, I’m not staying here.”

“I’ve met so many goals and every single one of those goals is just more fuel for my fire, I keep going and going and blowing people away.”

In one word, how can a person heal?


“You’ve got everything you need so you just plod on sister.”


Mindy Westerlind Elwell’s Expertise

Mindy is 46 years old. Mindy shares her life with Rich her husband and three beautiful children. Together they are a super team!

Mindy founded the Gray Matters Facebook Group.

Click here to read Mindy’s personal journals about her healing story on her Caring Bridge page: Caring Bridge Site.


Recommended Books

The Cantin Ketogenic Diet For Cancer, Type 1 Diabetes and Other Ailments photoThe Cantin Modified Ketogenic Diet for Cancer, Epilepsy and Other Ailments, by Elaine Cantin, Breast Cancer Survivor





Love Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional PatientsLove, Medicine and Miracles, by Dr. Bernie Siegel





Connect with Mindy

Connect with Mindy Westerlind Elwell on:

Gray Matters Facebook Group

Incredible Healing Journals Facebook Group

Katina Makris on Surviving and Thriving Through Chronic Advanced Lyme Disease


Katina Makris, Author of Out Of The Woods, Thriving Through Advanced Chronic Lyme DiseaseKatina Makris shares her five year healing journey through Lyme Disease.

She describes how some outdated blood tests can’t find Lyme Disease and how crucial it is to have newer testing, as the slow-growing Lyme spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi, can spiral its way through and out of the bloodstream, into the spinal cord and up to the brain.

She shares first symptoms and chronic symptoms and explains how many physicians aren’t trained in recognizing the symptoms of Lyme Disease. If left undiagnosed, the illness caused by this bacteria can become chronic and debilitating.

Katina describes how she was able to finally get properly diagnosed and treated to kill the bacteria and regain her health.

She also covers how the physical and emotional trauma of being attacked by this aggressive bacteria left her unable to deal with normal, every day parts of her life.

Katina teaches three cutting edge labs for Lyme Disease Testing and shows us how to find a Practitioner who is knowledgeable and certified for treating Lyme Disease.

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“It hit me pretty hard and fast with vertigo and chills and a stiff neck and a clammy feeling and it was rapid onset.”

“I was racked with vicious migraines, three and four days a week, heart palpitations and a stiff neck, palsies and tremors.”

“Seesaw, seesaw and this is what happens with Lyme Disease, its got this cyclical pattern to it, in and out of active and remission.”

“The bacteria moves its way deeper into your system from the bloodstream to the connective tissue and joints and muscles, where it mimics Fibromyalgia.”

“It spirals its way into the nervous system and it gets into the spinal fluid and eventually to the brain.”

“I said, ‘But I’ve been tested three times and all the tests showed I was negative.’”

“The testing we have is outdated, it has a 70% error rate. It’s only good in those early couple of months.”

“This massive destruction to my body and psyche and nervous system was caused by an aggressive bacteria.”

“If you have the bullseye rash and you have flu like symptoms or a swollen knee or headaches, you want to get on antibiotics immediately.”

“It’s a slow replicating bacteria and it takes a full six weeks before you can really get rid of it all.”

“Three very important pieces in order to overcome this illness are:

Step 1 Get the detox pathways in your body working
Step 2 Start on killing the bugs
Step 3 Rebuilding all the depletions and damage.”

“Tending to my body was part of the equation, the other very important part was tending to the emotional and spiritual ravages that I experienced.”

In one word, how can a person heal?

“Loving Yourself!”

Katina Makris’ Expertise

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH, has worked in natural health care since 1984, as a Lyme disease counselor, Certified Classical Homeopath and Certified Medical Intuitive. She is a former popular newspaper health columnist of 10 years, writing for a regional New England paper, The Monadnock Shopper News. Katina sat on the board of The Council for Homeopathic Certification 1994-2001, interviewing candidates and writing the national exam for Classical Homeopaths. 

Katina hosts the breakthrough live weekly call-in radio show in partnership with the acclaimed The Dr Pat Show on a 300 station worldwide syndicate, reaching a global listening audience of multi-millions. “Lyme Light Radio with Katina”, airs on WBLQ 1230AM in Southern New England and New York and streams live on the web on three networks; WBLQ.net, TransformationTalkRadio.com, TheDrPatShow.com. Katina’s stellar A -List guests and past shows are archived at LymeLightRadio.com and free on iTines. This is a very promising step forward for Lyme disease, creating weekly dialogue on a misunderstood public health crisis.

 After 5 years of misdiagnosis and 5 more years of treatments, Katina triumphantly overcame advanced chronic Lyme disease. She is a nationally acclaimed Inspirational Speaker on Lyme disease awareness and recovery tools, as well as Mind-Body-Spirit work. Katina’s timely memoir and guide, “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit,” awarded Finalist for 2011 Best Book in Health with USA Book News and winner of “50 Authors You Should be Reading” by the Authors Show, is now being taken into foreign markets and translations with Skyhorse Publishing. They will release her companion book, “Mending~ The Auto Immune Illness & Lyme Disease Recovery Guide” in February 2015.

Katina is a dynamic, well loved educator and engaging Lyme disease motivational speaker, with standing room only crowds. Katina has presented over 55 live 2 hour Lyme disease talks, and given 18 national radio and 5 national network TV interviews – ABC, NBC, FOX, NECN. Katina is the ‘go to’ choice for inspirational Lyme speeches; appearing at rallies, fundraising events, teaching at The Omega Institute.

 She currently is a board member of Be Tick Ready, a Lyme disease education group, based in Newport, RI, focused on bringing Lyme prevention into schools and the park systems nationwide. Katina is a graduate of Duke University and The Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing. A health care practitioner with her own ten year Lyme journey, Katina knows what true healing entails. She is a passionate voice of triumph and hope in the trenches of the Lyme disease epidemic.




Katina’s Book

Out Of The Woods Healing Lyme Disease Body Mind and Spirit by Katina MakrisOut Of The Woods, Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind and Spirit

Award Finalist for USA Best Books 2011 “OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, Body, Mind & Spirit

Katina Makris has created a massively informative memoir of healing from Lyme Disease. Out Of The Woods turns a grim story of debilitating chronic illness into a touching healing story with a very happy ending, for Katina as well as many others dealing with Lyme Disease. In the second half of Out Of The Woods Katina includes a complete Treatment Guide … the nuts and bolts to healing with Lyme Disease: speciality labs, signs and symptoms, treatment protocols, antibiotics, herbals, acupuncture, energy restoration, everything you need to heal from Lyme Disease.



Out Of The Woods Healing Lyme Disease Body Mind and Spirit by Katina MakrisOut Of The Woods, Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind and Spirit



Connect with Katina Makris

Katina’s Website: Katina Makris ~ Journeys in Healing

Katina’s Facebook Page: Out Of The Woods Book


Recommended Resources

To Find an ILADS, International Lyme and Associated Disease Society, Certified Practitioner:


www.lymenet.org Search for ILADS Certified Practitioner by State

Here’s a great article clearing up the confusion, controversy and biased influence of different views on testing for and treating Lyme Disease. Chronic Lyme Disease and the “Axis of Evil”, by Raphael B. Stricker and Lorraine Johnson.

Cutting Edge Laboratories for testing Lyme Disease

Igenex Testing Lab, Palo Alto, California

Clongen Testing Labs

Advanced Specialty Labs

Dr. Sharon Bertrand on Healing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) You Really Can Heal Yourself!


Dr. Sharon Bertrand Healing Multiple SclerosisIs the ‘cure’ for Multiple Sclerosis inside your own belief system?

If you have Multiple Sclerosis you’ll want to watch this movie. You might want to watch it even if you’ve never experienced an MS attack. If you have a friend or loved one with Multiple Sclerosis, please be kind and share this movie with them!

Dr. Sharon Bertrand was so deeply connected with Western Medicine that her belief system lived there as well. She had no idea that the way to heal her body was to heal her beliefs first.

She began her long career in the medical community as a Junior Volunteer. Then she moved on to be a Nursing Assistant, then a Registered Nurse and finally she spent years working as a dedicated and much overworked Hospital Vice President:

“Make Your Mind Up Because Your Biology Follows Your Thoughts”

This profound statement reveals a secret that is so powerful, it has the potential to help us heal almost any dis-ease: When we align our physical body with our inner desires, (that which makes us happy) we have the ability to overcome dis-ease and heal our body.

See the rest of this incredible story »

Dennis Hill on Killing Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer with Cannabis Extract


Dennis Hill Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer and Cannabis Extract photoThis month we share a fantastic interview with Dennis Hill, Biochemist, Software Engineer and Meditation Teacher, who healed himself of Stage III Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate gland.

After three months on two doses of Cannabis Extract daily, tests show Dennis’s primary adenocarcinoma of the prostate is gone. Another three months takes care of any remaining metastases and Dennis gets the all clear from his physician after only six months. He uses no other interventions.

“I do everything I can. This is not the job of the doctor to kill my cancer. This is my job.”

Cannabis extract for healing cancer is a hot topic right now and people from all over the world are trying Cannabis extract for many types of cancer, epilepsy and seizures and many nervous system disorders – with wild success. It’s not for everyone though. Find out why Dennis thinks some people shouldn’t use this therapy.

Excellent information in this short healing story about the molecular aspects of the endocannabinoid system in the body and how cannabinoids and the immune system work together to kill cancer cells, tumor cells and other diseased and dead cells.

See the rest of this incredible story »

Margaret Bermel on Healing Ovarian Cancer with Surgery and Alternative Therapies


Margaret Bermel Expert Self Healer of Ovarian Cancer photo

When the news that she had malignant ovarian cancer hit Margaret, she was lying on a gurney in the recovery room. A surgeon had just removed two large malignant tumors.

After considering her options her first knee-jerk reaction was to follow what the oncologists were recommending, a course of chemotherapy. At first she was seriously afraid and had no information backing up a decision either way. Margaret began a journey that would change not only her life, it would also help thousands of others to make empowering decisions about their own health care.

“I had a very tangible fear, I had a very serious situation that I was facing but that’s behind me now and I was able to work through it by researching and educating myself.”

See the rest of this incredible story »

Cortney Campbell on Curing Hodgkins Lymphoma with Holistic Nutrition while pregnant!


Cortney Campbell of Green Drink Diaries, Cancer Thriver Healer of Hodgkins Lymphoma photoIn this heartfelt story, a young couple married only three months had their lives changed drastically when Cortney developed a second growth in her armpit, second to the one which had been in her neck for years. At a very young twenty-six years old, she was diagnosed with a slow growing lymphatic cancer known as Hodgkins Lymphoma.

A long term, chemotherapy cocktail is the ‘only thing that will cure’ Cortney’s cancer, her oncologist stated and when she and her husband Kevin learned of the high infertility rates and toxicity associated with the treatment, they focused their energies elsewhere.

Kevin went into protection mode, devoting all time and energy to finding an alternative method of treating her cancer. Cortney says she was negative and defensive, ‘one of the other side’ See the rest of this incredible story »

Family’s Diabetic Alkaline Lifestyle Reverses Type 1 Diabetes in Two Boys as well as Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetic clients


Dan and Sally Roman from Health e-Solutions Diabetic Alkaline Lifestyle photoWhen Dan and Sally Roman’s son Gabriel was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes they immediately sprang into action, researching, studying and experimenting with low carb, low glycemic, non-allergenic foods. Although the results weren’t immediate, it took only a few months for Gabriel’s blood glucose levels to stabilize and for him to feel much better and more energetic. Soon though his brother Nathan was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Nathan’s journey to health took much longer, as it was almost two and a half years until his blood sugar was stabilized. Sally worked to develop over 100 healthy, diabetic alkaline recipes, in seven recipe e-books, which are all available on their website. Now both boys are living healthy lives without insulin injections or diabetes medications. See the rest of this incredible story »

Boy Uses Cannabis to Halt Symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome


My son was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome when he was just 5 years old. For 6-7 years we struggled with different pharmaceuticals that either kept him up for days or sleeping for days and did nothing for the tics he had. He suffers from motor and vocal tics. Most days he barely made it through school, holding his tics in so kids wouldn’t make fun of him, and when he came home he would feel comfortable enough to let his tics out and while I know he can’t help it and I never would say stop, my house sounded like a circus at the end of every day.

He suffers from many co morbid conditions, severe anxiety, OCD, social phobia. He is also a truly intelligent child, knowing how to program, fix computers and he has a memory that is only second to a written list.

At the end of 6th grade his Tourette’s got so bad he managed to curve his spine and gave himself a severe case of whiplash, enough to be taken out of school for five weeks! This was enough! He was almost 12. Something had to change, drugs didn’t do anything but make things worse. See the rest of this incredible story »

Reversing Cervical Dysplasia Naturally


Hello Everyone,

I decided to write this post because I read TONS of forum board discussions and articles and posts that were extremely helpful and comforting for my own healing process and decided to try to do the same thing for someone else.

I had been sexually active for approximately 6 years and I went in for my first pap smear at the age of 24. I got the dreaded phone call saying “Your pap results are abnormal. You have cervical dysplasia. This is pre-cancerous”. My heart froze. CANCER. what? I was scared out of my mind.

I did a ton of research and basically became an expert in everything related to the cervix and it’s abnormalities. My gynecologist told me I should come in for a colposcopy. Again, i was so scared.

The colposcopy results came back and I had CINII, stage 2 cervical dysplasia. She said that CIN2 was extremely dangerous and that she didn’t even think cryosurgery was going to help (during cryosurgery they freeze off the affected parts of your skin with liquid nitrogen and then they fall off with pain, watery discharge and a lot of discomfort) so she told me I needed to get LEEP (laser surgical removal or a part of my cervix) in other words she wanted to chop part of my cervix right off. See the rest of this incredible story »

Mike Dancer on Healing Epilepsy with Modified Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle Improvements


Mike Dancer on Healing Epilepsy with Modified Ketogenic Diet photo

At 34 years old, Mike Dancer was stressed out, working long hours and living on cereal and milk. For the first 34 years of his life everything was pretty normal and then one day Mike experienced a devastating shock when he was sitting at his desk at work, he fell off his chair in an epileptic seizure and couldn’t remember a thing about it. From that point on his life changed drastically.

Mike was diagnosed with the ‘dis-ease’ Epilepsy and was offered medications that would ‘make him better’. They didn’t work and instead caused terrible side effects to his sleep patterns giving him insomnia and excessive fatigue. His digestive system  became compromised and he couldn’t eat a lot of the foods he had grown up with at his parent’s farm, like dairy, bread, yeast and red meat. His endocrine system was strongly effected and his hormones became unbalanced. These side effects were weighing heavy on Mike and at times he couldn’t remember his own name.

Not wanting to spend his life like this Mike somehow managed to wean himself of all of the epilepsy medications (not something he recommends anyone does without medical supervision!) and used his own modified version of the Ketogenic Diet along with intense bodybuilding to regain his health See the rest of this incredible story »

Pau D’Arco anti cancer herb tea used with Liver Cancer


Pau D'Arco or Taheebo Anti Cancer HerbI received this message from Chris as a comment on http://thegoodwitch.ca/a-powerful-cancer-fighting-herb-pau-darco/ this morning!! How powerful and amazing!!

“I had a 7 pound 3 ounce tumor on my liver. The doctor told me to go home and that I was going to die and that there was no hope! Another doctor took the tumor out but I still had to go for chemotherapy. I took 2 treatments and could not take another one. A friend of mine told me about the Pau D’arco tea. I used it, drank it every day and began to feel better. My strength came back and three months later I had to under go a CT scan. The doctor asked how the treatments were. I told him that I only took two and he said the cancer was probably back after the tests. He came back shaking his head. He said there was no sign of the cancer anywhere!!!!! It works I tell everyone to use it!!!!!” Chris (treasurehunter)

Pau D’Arco an herb that has properties which act against cancer, is from the inner bark of a South American tree, also known as Taheebo. It is listed in Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Botanical Database as having cancer fighting properties. It has been used for centuries there as an alternative treatment for cancer. Is Pau D’Arco a cure for cancer? For more information on Pau D’Arco tea go to: http://thegoodwitch.ca/a-powerful-cancer-fighting-herb-pau-darco/

I received a wonderful story about a woman who used Pau D’Arco tea on a large tumor on her elderly dog, with fantastic results. I’ll be sharing her story in our new, upcoming book, Herbs Used Against Cancer!!

Real Men Are Vegans: Tony on Healing Asthma, Nose Polyps, Pre-Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, Now: ‘Not Even A Wheeze’


Tony Finds His Own Cure For Asthma photoFor 22 years, since he was only 6 years old, Tony Graziano suffered with Asthma, Nose Polyps and respiratory congestion. Tony was on medications and puffers for years, until it got so bad that he could hardly breathe. He knew he had to do something different.

Tony was born into an Italian family and it was normal for him to eat bread, cheese and lots of meat. His father was a medical physician and his family followed the medical doctrine, ‘if something was wrong, go see the doctor’.

For years he struggled with symptoms of Asthma and respiratory congestion. He had three surgeries for See the rest of this incredible story »

Evangelina Aguilar Shares A Profound Journey Of Healing and Liposarcoma


Evangelina Aguliar On Healing Liposarcoma photo

At first doctors thought the lump on Evangelina’s leg was just a lipoma, a fatty deposit. It had never posed a problem before and had been there for several years. It began to protrude from her leg and her daughter became concerned. After removal, tests showed the lump to be a liposarcoma, a rare cancer for someone as young as Evangelina.

She found the stress from dealing with doctors, tests and hospitals was wearing her down and was actually worse than dealing with the cancer itself. Conflicting opinions were testing her personal resolve. She stayed strong within herself and held her belief that See the rest of this incredible story »

Lori Lober on Healing Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer with Conventional and Alternative Treatments


Lori Lober photoFor 18 months Lori Lober tried to find an explanation as to why she intuitively felt something was wrong with her body. By the time she was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, her tests showed HER 2 positive (breast cancer ‘oncogene’), Liver metastases as well as tumors throughout her lymphatic system. At only 36 years of age, and one month before her younger brother passed away from cancer, Lori started conventional chemotherapy treatments for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Now twelve years later, after years of Herceptin treatments, multiple surgeries and a double mastectomy, Lori is ‘alive and thriving!’

When I first heard Lori’s story, I had to sit back and take in what she was telling me. Lori’s story shows that in the worst of situations and under the most dire of circumstances our spirit and the belief it holds See the rest of this incredible story »

Healing and Stage 3 Colon Cancer by Sid Aust


IHJJournalI had colon cancer (stage 3) and was diagnosed Dec. 2007 and had surgery on New Years Eve of 2007. I did have surgery and had about 10 inches taken off my colon. They recommended chemo. At that stage I did not know what to do except chemo. I think I had 7 or 8 treatments…But on the positive side I never got sick, never sick to my stomach, never lost my hair, never lost my desire to eat, but I must admit I felt terrible after the treatment. At that point I started to learn all I could to educate myself and boy I did. I do not want this stuff to make an appearance again. I purchased book after book, read, read and read some more and continue to apply as I see fit to do …We can learn an awful lot from other people.

What alternative therapies did you do and which ones helped you the most?

First off I started to research supplements and cancer. And almost the first one I focused on was Essential Fatty Acids. From Brian Peskin, The Hidden Story of Cancer and the recommended oils. I See the rest of this incredible story »

Healing Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Trauma with Dr. Linda Berry


Dr. Linda Berry, Author of Internal Cleansing, Trauma Healing Expert, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist photo

Dr. Linda Berry, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist and Expert in Trauma Healing shares her powerful and personal story of overcoming extreme physical and emotional trauma.

As a young woman Dr. Linda had a promising career as a dancer, until a near fatal car accident left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair at only 24 years old.

In this interview she shares exactly how she overcame this devastating blow to her career and life, to walk again, and to share her expertise in trauma healing.

See the rest of this incredible story »

Incredible Healing Journals Presents Nuro Weidemann on Healing and non Hodgkins Lymphoma


Nuro Weidemann, Massage Therapist, cured herself of non Hodgkins Lymphoma with diet and natural therapies photoWhen Nuro Weidemann was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2009, after finding a little lump in her breast, she was told it was aggressive, fast spreading, and in an unusual place. It was recommended that she have chemotherapy the following week, ‘right away’, most likely followed by radiotherapy. After watching her mother’s ‘dreadful ending’ from cancer of the uterus, Nuro had a powerful feeling to do something … anything else. When Nuro’s initial reaction was to back off their recommendations, doctors warned she would be dead within six months to two years if she refused their treatments.

She was in ‘total desperation and shock’, and contacted an old friend who was healed from cancer herself, once as a child on the Gerson Therapy, and once again forty years later. The friend sent an emergency list of the most important things for Nuro to do, which included, ‘stay away from all food that is acid forming and go on a very clean diet.’ With doctors pressuring her to go in for chemotherapy treatments the following week, Nuro could only remember her friend’s advice: ‘Go on a very clean diet.’

Nuro’s solution to her fear and panic was to do the complete opposite of what was being pushed at her. Most people find it very difficult to overcome their fear and trust themselves. Not Nuro: ”I was ripped with fear and panic and having these doctors kind of in my ear and in my case wanting me to start chemotherapy next week, so I went on this very clean, mostly vegetable diet, with lots of fresh, green juices.” 


See the rest of this incredible story »

Elaine Cantin on healing with her modified Ketogenic diet and Breast Cancer


Elaine Cantin on Curing Breast Cancer Naturally photoElaine Cantin was diagnosed with breast cancer and within one week was rushed into have a surgical lumpectomy. Doctors wanted to immediately begin ‘aggressive’ radiation and chemotherapy and this idea frightened Elaine, as she had seen many family members and friends die. Elaine said, ”I thought that if I had to go, I would not be going that way.”

Shortly after her lumpectomy the tumor grew back to the size of a small egg. Elaine had to think seriously about having more surgery and treatments. She began researching the Ketogenic diet and after modifying it to remove several allergenic foods, Elaine’s tumor shrunk to the size of a chick pea and then disappeared. Elaine has been told by her oncologist that she is in  remission.

Elaine also has been testing the diet with her fifteen year old son who has been taking insulin for Type 1 Diabetes since he was three years old. As long as he is able to stay on the diet, his blood sugars level and he is able to stop taking insulin. Elaine is conducting further research to see if her modified ketogenic diet can actually reverse Type 1 Diabetes.

Elaine shares her encouraging and uplifting story of how she is healing with breast cancer in this short video interview (below) with Incredible Healing Journals.

UPDATE June 2013: Here is a message directly from Elaine: “For those who missed my previous post or if I was not clear enough, I am doing great. :) I was diagnosed with advanced cancer via biopsy and ultrasound on 3/15/2013 and on 4/19/2013, my CT scan report showed that I only had a small nodule left that could no longer be confirmed with certainty as cancer. Thank God for my diet! Love & health to all of you. ♥” Elaine Cantin


UPDATE April 2013: Elaine is battling breast cancer for the second time. We’ll keep you updated as she progresses in healing.


See the rest of this incredible story »

Chris Wark Uses Surgery In Combination With Holistic Raw Nutrition To Beat Colon Cancer


Chris Wark Cancer Master Self Healer

Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2003, at only 26 years of age. He was much too young to be facing this devastating and potentially fatal dis-ease, thankfully Chris’s doctors had a plan of attack and so did Chris. He chose to have surgery to remove the tumor, then refused chemotherapy as a treatment. Chris wanted to have children and didn’t want anything to interfere with his future ability to have a family. Chris told his doctors, “No Chemo!”, then he went on to clear any remaining cancer from his body by strengthening his immune system with delicious, healing, raw plant foods and natural therapies. 

Chris is still only 35 years old, and already he has done something that some of us never thought would be possible. Chris has put cancer behind him.

More and more people are choosing a ‘take charge’ approach to dealing with cancer.  They are choosing, like Chris … with conviction and strength, to research their options thoroughly and to choose only those therapies which they feel are best for them.

See the rest of this incredible story »

Healing Allergies, Life Trauma and Power Losses with Emotional and Spiritual Healer Cheryl Ueding


Cheryl Ueding of SoulStarConnection.com.au

Cheryl Ueding’s story gives such clarity to the realization that we really can overcome anything when we understand how much our emotional health is directly related to our physical health. Not just related though. When you find yourself holding onto deeply traumatic emotions, it remains difficult, if not impossible to heal your physical body. Our emotional body comes first … always and until we realize, acknowledge and accept that illness in our emotional ‘body’ manifests in our physical body; we remain powerless to heal ourselves.

Without giving away too much of Cheryl’s story, its important to point out that Cheryl has as much experience healing her emotional body, as anyone could ever imagine. In this interview, Cheryl shares her heart-wrenching, very personal and emotional healing story. Oh yes … 

See the rest of this incredible story »

The Psychic Aspects of Healing Breast Cancer with Two Time Breast Cancer Survivor Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos


Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos, Breast Cancer Survivor photoKathleen has a powerful story to share about how important it is to use the messages from our dreams to direct us in the course of our lives.

Kathleen’s view of ‘surviving cancerland’ helps us to reclaim our power in healing because she really shows us that no matter what happens, when we believe in ourselves and our own ability to heal, we really can beat cancer.

The spiritual aspect of healing is one we have not explored very much at all, but Kathleen shows us that it is one part of healing that will correctly guide us to do what needs to be done, despite what others have planned for us.


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Yvonne Cures Deadly Black Melanoma with Natural Cancer Therapies Only Over 30 Years Ago!


Yvonne Chamberlain Cures Melanoma photoDiagnosed with deadly black melanoma cancer, given only 6 weeks to live, and facing amputation of her leg. Immediately Yvonne took control, refused to believe any dire predictions and is here to tell her story 30 years later. Yvonne still has both her legs and has been cancer free for over 30 years. Listen to Yvonne’s story here.


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IHJ Interviews Janet Beckers on Healing with Auto Immune Disease


Janet Beckers of Wonderful Web Women photo

Janet Beckers shares a wonderful story of triumph over autoimmune disease in this audio interview.

Janet was diagnosed with Reiters, a form of reactive arthritis. She spent several years fighting this ‘mysterious’ disease and dealing with the debilitating symptoms like low energy, swollen joints, weeping eyes and congested lymph nodes. Janet made progress but the autoimmune symptoms still plagued her until she used emotional healing through a dream journal to take control of her health. What she found was that negative emotions, events and people were suppressing her ability to get well.

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IHJ Interviews Brenda Cobb on Healing with Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer


Brenda Cobb Photo

“I’ve learned over time that actually there are five main, key ingredients to healing and that they actually come in a chronological order of most important. The number one thing that is the most important for people to do to heal is to change their way of thinking because mental thinking is more important than anything, attitude is more important than anything. “

In 1999, Brenda was hit with the devastating news: She had not one, but two types of cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. Though her doctor told her she would be dead in six months if she didn’t use conventional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and was recommending both a mastectomy and hysterectomy, Brenda refused all treatment and healed herself from breast cancer and cervical cancer herself using her all natural approach.

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IHJ Interviews Kapil Arn on Healing and non Hodgkins sub cutaneous T cell Lymphoma


Over 20 years ago Kapil was diagnosed with non Hodgkins sub cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. Doctors said he may live for five years but only if he took chemotherapy. Instead, Kapil removed his mercury amalgam fillings, he calls them ‘train tracks’. Then he did everything in his power to cleanse, heal and rebuild and now he is much healthier than he ever has been. Kapil reveals exactly what he did to heal from non Hodgkins Lymphoma in this short movie.

Enjoy and please share so everyone can know that it is completely possible to cure cancer yourself!



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IHJ Interviews Dr. Sue Gelder On Healing Herself Of An Inoperable Spinal Tumour


Dr Sue Gelder on Curing inoperable Spinal Tumor PhotoFrom being given the death sentence, on hourly morphine and bed ridden, Dr. Sue Gelder completely heals herself of an inoperable spinal tumour using natural therapies only.

After you have watched the short video, look below for more information about Dr. Gelder and her empowering story.

Please comment below ~ we want to know what you think!



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Interview with Kerri on how she healed with a pituitary brain tumor


IHJ Interviews Kerri Howarth Healing A Pituitary Brain Tumor PhotoWhen you first meet Kerri, you will immediately realize how healthy and vibrant she is, even though she chooses not to have surgery to remove the non-malignant tumor sitting on her pituitary gland, along with the gland itself.

Watch the short video below ~ to learn exactly what Kerri did instead! The video takes a moment to load …

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An Incredible Story of Breast Cancer and Escharotic Paste


Patti McDonald 9 years after curing breast cancer herself photo ‘I want to help the world find the truth, one person at a time.’

Pattie McDonald, 2010


Where do I start??  As I look back I realized my cancer was a long, hard journey; but the end results:  happy, healthy and alive.  I did not only cure my cancer; I had irritable bowel, sinus infection, carpel tunnel and a few other ills.

I am not a physician; however, I believe my body was slowly shutting down in 2002.  At one point, before I met Greg Caton, I layed on my couch and wanted to die I was so sick.  Then, my grandmother called me from Illinois (she was 101 at that time).  She told me to put all of my prescription drugs in the trash, change my diet and so on. Within a week of following her advice, I started to feel better; but I still had to deal with my breast cancer.  My cancer surgeon had scheduled me for breast surgery on a Tuesday in June and I had to confront the fact that I was possibly going to lose my entire breast (cried a lot). My right breast had a lump the size of a quarter according the the ultrasound and the biopsy was inconclusive for cancer.  Duh–they wanted to cut on me and had no concrete tests. Despite this emotional roller coaster my doctor had me on, I decided to trust her and go forward with the surgery–didn’t think I had any other choice. I am naively allowing doctors to take control of my health.


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Incredible Healing Journals Interviews Linda Devine on healing breast cancer with the macrobiotic diet


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Linda Devine Is NOW CANCER FREE After Curing Herself Naturally!

Linda Devine on a real cure for breast cancer

In 2008 Linda Devine was given the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Instead of giving up her power to someone else, Linda made the very wise decision to heal herself with holistic nutrition and natural therapies only. In only 10 months Linda cured herself and doctors could find no trace of the tumour. What follows is a transcript of an interview with Linda where she shares exactly what steps she took to cure breast cancer herself.


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