Ann Fonfa Stage IV Breast Cancer Thriver and Founder of Annie Appleseed Project

Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. She had several recurrences in her breast and on her chest wall (Stage IV) and fought breast cancer for seven years, having a total of seven surgeries and a mastectomy. Now Ann is healthy, thriving and cancer free many years after her initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2001.


“The truth was I got a recurrence in less than two years however, this time the cancer was growing so slowly it was slower than normal cells.”
~ Ann Fonfa

Healing Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer Using Surgery, Alternative Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine with Ann Fonfa, Founder of Annie Appleseed Project.



“In that moment I knew that I could survive and I feel like she saved my life by telling me that because if she could be a ten year survivor, I knew I could be as well.”


“Maybe people know what to ask but I really feel like doctors should bring their answers and I feel like they should have an FAQ they hand us…”


“The truth was I got a recurrence in less than two years however, this time the cancer was growing so slowly it was slower than normal cells.”


“That continued for years, I had five years of recurrence. Eventually I had three lumpectomy style surgeries, and then I had a mastectomy, then shockingly it recurred on the chest wall.”


“No one should take chemotherapy or radiation by itself I think its very important to protect ourselves because there are harms and those harms can be severe.”


“That changed in recent years because there are now some tests that can tell you whether you’ll benefit from chemo or not.”


“We have a downloadable handout, one for Paediatric, one for adults on things that have a large amount of evidence showing it will help with treatment, in reducing the toxicities (see links below).”


“My mother once sent me a postcard she said, ‘Why don’t you do what works?’ ‘Mom, great idea, the minute I know what that is, I’ll do it, until then I’m stumble, bumble, fumbling my way, but I’ll be twenty-two year survivor next week.”


“When I started doing this high dose Vitamin A for my chest wall tumours, I saw a reduction within three weeks of one of the tumours I had, it was amazing, I couldn’t believe it.”


“You have to doctor shop until you get someone who is comfortable with the protocol you want to do and that’s really important.”


“After all I began to realize that it’s about the human body not about the type of cancer you have.”


“Fighting cancer takes a lot of energy from the human body so you have to really keep yourself strong in order to do it.”


“She said, ‘You’re free of cancer, we’re going to call this No Discernible Disease, NDD.’”


How Can A Person Heal?


“Healthy Combination”

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About Ann Fonfa

Ann Fonfa, diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993 chose a different path. Boosting her own immune system with organic food, physical activity, relaxation/enjoyment of life, dietary supplements, detox and more, she dealt with cancer until it disappeared. It took 7 years but she has been cancer-free since Sept 2001. Ann founded to inform and educate others. Her nonprofit is all-volunteer run and all information is free of cost.

Ann attends educational, scientific, research meetings around the world. She has been a speaker, presented posters, moderated, and always asked penetrating questions. Ann works on grant reviews, mentors and helps train advocates, serves on many committees and panels and absolutely loves to offer her opinion on issues. She’s happily married, living in sunny South Florida and committed to her work to inform and educate people with cancer.



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