Submission Guidelines

Incredible Healing Stories

Stories on Incredible Healing Journals are true empowering stories of natural healing. Our stories are about healing from any disease, condition or symptom.

If you would love to share your natural healing story to help people on their own journey, enter your story here!

An Incredible Healing Story is an inspirational, true story about natural healing. These personal stories uplift and support others and help them to discover basic principles about healing that they can apply to their own life.


  1. Let your story come from your heart, with the intent to impart knowledge about healing.
  2. Write your story in the first person, you writing about your own situation.
  3. A good story always teaches the reader something they can own themselves. Something they are proud to share with others.
  4. Your story may be anywhere from 200 to 1200 words.
  5. Your story may include one link back to your website, social site or contact information. Please do not use affiliate links as these will be removed.
  6. Your story will be edited for grammar, punctuation and language only.
  7. No anonymous or author unknown stories please.
  8. Keep a copy of your story as we are unable to send your story back to you.
  9. Please do not submit the same story more than once.
  10. Please submit an original story, it must not appear elsewhere on the web in the same words.


When you submit your story, you will see a message that says it was received.

This is our acknowledgement that your story has been entered into our system.

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It may take several weeks or months for your story to appear, please be patient.

If you have any questions, please email through the Contact section. We will contact you as soon as possible.