Angel Howerton on Healing Uterine Cancer with Surgery, Native American Herbs and Spirit, Mind, Body Therapies

“I think that’s a big part of why we are sick, because we hold onto so much emotion, spiritually and emotionally.”

Angel Howerton, Holistic Coach, Native American Herbalist

Healing Uterine Cancer

After Angel was in a serious accident, her body was unable to heal properly, since unbeknownst to her, she was bleeding from somewhere else and her red blood cell count was dangerously low. After many tests and more than 80 x-rays, Angel was told she had Uterine Cancer.

Shortly after surgery to remove the uterine cancer by radical hysterectomy, the cancer began growing and spreading along her incision. Now Angel was told she was ‘Stage IV’ and was given only 3 weeks to live. Angel’s doctor told her to go home and be with her family because there was nothing more they could do for her.

Returning home made Angel stronger and her conviction and promise to herself that she would not give up, became the foundation upon which Angel was able to eradicate uterine cancer from her body. She had help, through the spirit of her late Mother, Angel remembered her roots to herbal medicine and began educating herself until she knew enough to treat herself with Native American Herbs.

Listen in as Angel shares her 12 step protocol, which Native American Herbal blend she uses, what she eats and how she was able to first spiritually, then physically heal her body from uterine cancer, known as ‘the most deadly cancer for women.’

Like all these amazing healing stories, there is a powerful thread of wisdom woven through Angel’s words. Listen carefully as Angel shares the reason why she believes cancer is ‘related’ to fungus and what medication the doctor prescribed, that Angel believes was instrumental in her fight against uterine cancer.


“I knew in my heart there was something wrong, that my body just felt like it was deteriorating and the fear factor set in…”


“She said that I had MMMT Uterine Cancer. They weren’t sure if it had started in the cervix or if it started in the uterus.”


“I realized that I couldn’t stop the bleeding. At that point, I was bleeding all the time.”


“Even with a years’ worth of ‘chemo’ and a year’s worth of radiation, I would probably only have a fifteen percent chance of survival.”


“Thank goodness my mom was a Native American Herbalist when I grew up, so I kind of knew, but my mom passed away when I was only 23.”


“You now have Stage IV Cancer, it’s so aggressive that it has already spread and grew all in your incision, that I would say, you have about three weeks to live. She said, ‘Please go home and be with your family.'”


“I decided, you know what, I’m not giving up, you know, I’m not going to give up. God has me here for a reason and I’m just going to keep on going.”


“I was then really pulled into, wait a minute, I have to heal spiritually too, you know and I think that was some of the part I was missing before.”


“I really started just going back into a journey to let go of all of the grief, let go of all fear, let go, just let go and just learn to live and connect back with Mother Earth.”


“It’s not my cancer, I don’t own the cancer, cancer is just a word, that … the doctor said I had ‘cancer.'”


“On December 1st of 2011, I went and got a CAT Scan and the CAT Scan came back that I had no cancer, there was no mass whatsoever.”


“Cancer is really sneaky and so I don’t want to ever stop doing my herbs and my juicing and eating a really good diet and staying positive.”


“Cancer is curable, we all have cancer cells in us, and if you build up your immune system, you can beat cancer, I want to tell people, I beat Stage IV Cancer. My body healed itself. I gave my body what it needed and it healed.”


“There is Hope! Don’t Ever Give Up! Don’t listen to those doctors when they tell you, you have three weeks, or you have a month, or you have four years!”


“I think that’s a big part of why we are sick, because we hold onto so much emotions, spiritually and emotionally.”


“This does work, you know, I’m living proof … Don’t give up hope! If I would have given up hope, I would have been gone years ago.”


“That gave me the strength that … I’m onto something, it is linked to fungus and I’m going to start taking everything in the world to kill the fungus.”


“We’re a ‘Whole’ and you have to address all of us, the mind, body and spirit to really heal.”


How Can A Person Heal?


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