Ann Fonfa on Healing Stage IV Breast Cancer Metastatic with Surgery, Alternative Therapies and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Ann Fonfa Stage IV Breast Cancer Thriver and Founder of Annie Appleseed Project

Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. She had several recurrences in her breast and on her chest wall (Stage IV) and fought breast cancer for seven years, having a total of seven surgeries and a mastectomy. Now Ann is healthy, thriving and cancer free many years after her initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2001.


“The truth was I got a recurrence in less than two years however, this time the cancer was growing so slowly it was slower than normal cells.”
~ Ann Fonfa

Healing Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer Using Surgery, Alternative Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine with Ann Fonfa, Founder of Annie Appleseed Project.


Healing Breast Cancer and Functional Medicine with Sheryl Malin

Sheryl Malin, Breast Cancer Thriver, Researcher, Author

Healing and Thriving After Three Breast Cancer Tumours With Help From Functional Medicine, Sheryl Malin:

“I believe its up to the individual person to do their research and to make the choice of what they feel is comfortable for them.”

~Sheryl Malin, Thriving After Breast Cancer, Researcher and Author

Healing Breast Cancer Tumors Using Functional Medicine with Sheryl Malin, Researcher, Author and Champion for Quality Of Life.

Four years ago Sheryl Malin was diagnosed with three tumours in her breast. Sheryl held the past experience of her father and all his siblings dying from cancer. She worked in the medical field and was acutely aware of side effects and long term damage caused by some conventional treatments.