Jessica Wyman on her Weight Loss Journey, Insights into Pancreatitis and Toxic Fats

“It was really discouraging as a teenager to feel different than your peers and know that I was already bigger than my friends.”

Jessica Wyman, Certified Health Coach

Jessica Wyman Certified Nutritionist Weight LossCertified Holistic Nutritionist Jessica Wyman shares her own weight loss healing journey and great tips on how to transition from fast food to healthy eating.

There are also insights into pancreatitis, from a teaching through her husband’s recovery from recurrent bouts and how toxic fats made him so sick … super interesting!!

What Jessica said really made me think about how toxic fats are affecting our digestion so badly, clogging everything up, and how they reduce our ability to remove sugar and toxins from our blood, how they congest the nutrition flowing into cells and waste flowing out.