Doug Wing on Healing Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell CancersAfter years of struggle and relentless persistence, hundreds of cancers and many different treatments, Doug finally calls himself ‘cured.’ How is this possible? It’s got to be Doug’s indomitable human spirit! Please like and share this inspiring story!

Doug’s words:

“My first basal cell carcinoma appeared 30 years ago under my right eye. The dermatologist cut it out and radiated it. Over 100 other basal and squamous cell cancers have been treated since.

Several years ago, a tenacious cancer appeared within my ear. The dermatologist treated it many times before a Mohs surgeon removed it’s top. In 2005, the proctologist found cancer in six of nine prostrate biopsies. But the aorta valve in my heart was replaced first, due to a heart murmur, before I received 43 prostrate radiations.

As I recovered from the open-heart surgery, I lost the central vision of my right eye. The heart surgeon told me a tiny bit of plaque most likely got loose as a result of the surgery, causing a central retinal artery occlusion.

In 2010, a full-body Scan showed tumors in the central lobe of my right lung….biopsies indicated adenocarcinoma. The pulmonologist, oncologist and surgeon agreed the gold standard of treatment was removal of that lobe.

After several more scans showed the tumors were growing, and after viewing the complexity of lobe removal, I chose radiation treatment, thinking I’d have a better chance of surviving than going under the knife again. Thus, 2010 ended with 24 lung radiations.

In the Fall of 2011, cancers were appearing in other lobes and another skin cancer was removed from the back of my ear. I was in between the scans scheduled to see when and where the next zapping would be done. Fortunately, a friend suggested I see Rick Simpson’s film “RUN FROM THE CURE”. After watching, I thought, ‘what have I got to lose’? I got a Michigan Permit and made some Rick Simpson Oil.

As I consumed the suggested two ounce dose over the next five months I was able to function normally. My children were unaware of my treatment until we told them near its end.

Recent CT scans, X rays, Echo Cardiograms, EKG’s, carotid and aorta scans, blood tests, heart monitor test, and physical exams indicate I am free of cancer. Occasional skin cancers are now treated with the oil as they appear. Thanks to God and Rick Simpson I am again able, at 80, to enjoy bicycling, golf, racquetball, water skiing and scuba diving. Obviously, I don’t know how this will all turn out. But I am reminded of Rick Simpson’s statements that the “healing powers of this oil do not stop at cancer”. He said he not seen any disease that it couldn’t cure, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, pain disorders and mental disorders.”

Douglas Wing, M.S., P.E.

Doug Wing’s Expertise

Doug Wing and Happy FamilyDoug Wing received a DeLaSalle diploma in 1951, then got an Engineering degree from General Motors Institute and a Masters degree from Wayne State. Doug worked at Cadillac Motor Car Company while Linda guided four daughters through college and into lasting marriages. The four oldest of nine grandchildren are college graduates.

“The big C entered my life in 1980 when skin cancers started blooming. Prostate cancer arrived in 2005 and lung cancer in 2010. Surgical and radiation treatments had kept them all in check until the lung tumors started growing in other lobes two years ago (after 24 radiations) and the skin cancers continued to blossom. Fortunately, the Lord then blessed me with a cure for cancer and my health has been restored.

Thanks to the influence of the Christian Brothers sixty years ago, we have been active members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St Joan of Arc and St Margaret churches 55 years.”

Douglas Wing, M.S., P.E.

Doug Wing’s Letter

Douglas asked us to post a copy of his letter which he had mailed to seventeen physicians:

“Our world is slowly awakening to Hearst’s horrific hoax.  Big Pharma’s laughable TV ads for drugs such as Eliquis, Humira, Latuda, and Xeljanx are hastening the pace.  The internet  is bringing forth the documented truth and the Dr. Gupta’s are opening many minds.

At 80, I’m too old to beat around the bush. So, speaking bluntly, I believe doctors who participate in this education will continue to deserve the respect they have earned.  

As you know, lung cancer was found growing in other lobes after my right central lobe was radiated in 2010.  Viewing “Run From The Cure” in 2011 prompted me to get a Michigan permit, buy some pot and make the medicine, thinking “what have I got to lose?”  Thanks to God and Rick Simpson, a year later an oncologist said “you’re clear”.  After several of you told me you didn’t know anyone else who had  cured their cancer with Simpson Oil, I felt obliged  to spread the good news to all of you.  I think this is what you would have done in my shoes.

Biochemist Dennis Hill, a Californian, was my mentor in 2011, since I couldn’t find anyone else who had been there, done that.  His blog provides a scientific explanation of how cannabis works:

Channel 13 News described a group of doctors coordinated by Brett Strauss in Colorado that provided check-ups and financial aid as needed to those who wanted this medicine:

Patients now hear “we don’t go there” at doctor’s offices because “it hasn’t been researched and approved by the FDA”.  You know this medicine treats many ailments besides cancer and that only minute amounts are needed for some.   

Since researching it has been anathema to Big Pharma and Government, it’s time we concerned folks rightfully do what ought to be done!  So, I’m asking you to participate in much-needed research.

For a limited time and number, you would ask potential patients if they’d consider a treatment requiring they first view two hours of internet documentaries: “Run From The Cure”, “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” and Shona Banda’s interview.  Those who then choose doctor-prescribed treatments will be grateful you offered an alternative.  Those who’d like to try it would sign appropriate releases, obtain a Michigan permit, buy their medicine, log their daily dosing/reactions and return monthly with their log for your exam.  You’ll provide them a list of Care Givers who have lab-tested med. 

Obviously, your much-needed research needs some guidelines, coordination and a small fund to cover RSO costs that exceed some patients wherewithal.  A medical student might find coordination an intriguing project.   

Sincere thanks for giving this study your serious consideration.  Call xxx-xxxx and tell me what you need to participate.  I want to stay anonymous as possible, but will assist you anyway I can and gladly mentor anyone as Dennis did me.”

Douglas J. Wing, M.S., P.E.