Mindy Elwell Brain Cancer Tumor Survivor photoMindy is an inspiration to all of us. She glows with health and vitality despite a diagnosis of brain cancer and unbelievably as a result of her reaction to that diagnosis.

In this interview which took place in September of 2013, Mindy shares her uplifting story of transformation as she moves through brain cancer tumors in this personal and poignant story.

She shares frustrations about receiving incorrect information from her Neuro-Oncologist, who told her to eat cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes to help her gain weight. To gain fat and ill-health he surely meant.

Moving through cancer has produced a transformation in Mindy that she believes would not have happened otherwise: “As a result of having cancer, my personal life has improved, all my relationships, I believe are better.”

Her neurological symptoms began with speech and motor control problems. She describes the pain of realizing there was something terribly wrong and of having to tell her husband: ‘I have brain cancer.’ She says it was the hardest thing to ever leave her mouth.

Several months ago Mindy had a biopsy on one brain tumor which was never removed because of its inoperable location. MRI’s show that the original tumor has not grown in size and one test could not even find the tumor. On March 13, 2014 she had a second brain tumor removed surgically. Today, March 31, 2014, she emailed to say that her recovery is going steadily with a few ups and downs.

Mindy says: “I was glowing under the belief that the removal of this tumor would be the super clean slate that I could get started with. It looks like I will be visiting some decisions on medications, treatments and possibly more radiation. It can be very confusing and I’m not quite confident I’m the one to know how to make these decisions. I continue to turn toward all the healthy alternatives before conventional treatments and my mind-body nutritional practices are all wrapped up into one. Thank you again for allowing me to share my story and I am enthusiastic about being contacted and helping people in anyway that I can.”

If we take anything from this beautiful and empowering story, may we learn that illness gives us a chance to gain control of our life and create happiness and joy no matter the situation we find ourselves in.

This is a beautiful story of healing and an inspiring way to spend 28 minutes for anyone suffering under the weight of cancer and especially brain cancer and/or tumors.

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“Something bad was happening to me and I knew it and I thought it was MS and I had the similar symptoms.”

“I said, ‘I have brain cancer.’ It was the hardest thing to ever leave my mouth.”

“Being completely unfamiliar with any of this stuff, we went right down the road of conventional treatment.”

“I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me.”

“My Neuro-oncologist told me it was silly and there was not one thing nutrition could do to change my situation.”

“I’m just this little person, you know, sort of a ping pong ball in this whole game. It’s a game and it’s a business.”

“People were calling me and contacting me, “Why are you doing so good, they gave you 18 months to live.”

“You just start planning your death, if you believe in that and I never believed it from moment one.”

“As a result of having cancer, my personal life has improved, all my relationships, I believe are better.”

“Along the way my faith, my direction became solid, I knew what I believed in and I knew it was effective and I knew it was right.”

“I completely cut out the sugar, cut the carbs out, did the ketogenic diet to the most precise directions that I could follow.”

“Just being, I didn’t have to always be doing something, my life before was this constant drill of do and clean and …”

“I don’t know who was running my life but I am running my life now but I’m a better boss and I’m better for it.”

“Your cells are listening to every thought that you have and I really believe that. The more calm I became the more at peace I became.”

“Being sick and being threatened with your life, you know, you get rocked to your core and its the ticket, unfortunately.”

“We want to surround ourselves with people like that, like minded people but people that are positive.”

“I’d love people to see that they can be influenced in one direction or another … so easily.”

“You have to do what makes sense to you.”

“I was losing weight and my Neuro-Oncologist told me to start eating cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes.”

“It’s a scary place to be but I have faith and I’m very comfortable where I am and I’m truly full of joy and so grateful for everything I have.”

“Get me out of this lord, get me out of this, I’m not staying here.”

“I’ve met so many goals and every single one of those goals is just more fuel for my fire, I keep going and going and blowing people away.”

In one word, how can a person heal?


“You’ve got everything you need so you just plod on sister.”


Mindy Westerlind Elwell’s Expertise

Mindy is 46 years old. Mindy shares her life with Rich her husband and three beautiful children. Together they are a super team!

Mindy founded the Gray Matters Facebook Group.

Click here to read Mindy’s personal journals about her healing story on her Caring Bridge page: Caring Bridge Site.


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