Nutritional Alkalizing

Alkaline Al

For the first thirty years of my life I was living in darkness. In infancy my mother died. My father was alcoholic. An abused and dysfunctional childhood, learning disabilities and ongoing seasonal sickness were compromising my future. As a young adult, alcohol, drugs, desperation and anger kept me in a permanent state of frustration, resentment and confusion. In 1967, at age 31, I turned about and decided to become a spiritual aspirant.

Gifted with ‘free_will’ we as humans have the ability to rise above our animal instincts and carnal desires. Not wanting to kill and eat any sentient beings, I became vegetarian: 100%. No meat, fish, eggs or poultry. It was a moral decision that had nothing to do with my health

Sadly, during the first ten years I was a chain-smoking; cooked-foods, baked-flaked, roasted-toasted, dried-fried, cakes-cookies, bread, chips, pasta, ice cream, cheese-pizza-tarian. At that time I was meditating two to four hours a day and my job involved distance driving. Due to the lack of exercise and my high calorie, mostly processed, comfort foods diet, I had very little reserve energy =_= I was approaching 40 and the spare tire around my belly was a silent alarm, screaming at me; Hey pAL !_! You need to give your precious body more time and attention “°_°” Those days vegetarian leadership was difficult to find, so I had to become my own health, fitness and postural recovery coach. Lethargy, ill health and my aching back were demanding that I become a decisive student of the obvious. (more…)