Jonathan Chamberlain Researcher Author on Cancer Healing and CaregivingJonathan Chamberlain is a researcher and author of four books on cancer as well as a personal memoir on caregiving and living with his profoundly disabled daughter, Stevie. After losing his wife to cervical cancer, Jonathan has spent the last several years researching cancer and the many aspects that surround this often misunderstood and just as often mistreated dis-ease.

“Cancer is an early warning signal that the ecology of the body is out of sync.”

In this short interview, Jonathan shares golden gems of insight for healing your body.

He tells the true story he documented in ‘The Amazing Cancer Kid: The totally true story of Connah Broom,’ about a young boy who was sent home to die with eleven tumors in his body. When doctors told the boy’s grandparents he would be dead in 18 months, they refused to believe. They changed every aspect of Connah’s life that mattered. Now he is very well and entering secondary school.

“He’s robustly healthy. He plays football. He dances … and he still has cancer.”

Jonathan also talks about how to create a support team around you if you are in healing mode.

He speaks from a caregiver’s perspective on the best way to support someone with cancer.

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“Everybody knows that fifty percent of us are going to get cancer. That’s a given, yet, most people are not preparing themselves in any way at all.”

“I see it more as the cancer is an early warning signal that the ecology of the body is out of sync.”

“We need to thank women for keeping alive, this tradition of medicine.”

“We then have industries, which are dependant on us taking these drugs, and they are interested in the profit sector.”

“The decision needs to be made by the person who has the cancer. That decision needs to be an informed decision.”

“I would like to reach people even before they have cancer and that’s why I produced recently a book called, ‘Sixty Shades of Cancer.’ That is leading people through the process of thinking.”

“I would like to reach people even before they have cancer and that’s why I produced recently a book called, Sixty Shades of Cancer. That is leading people through the process of thinking.”

“Inform yourself of the strategies, the therapies that are available to you and what the reasoning is behind them.”

“The doctors said, ‘We’re very worried about this therapy. We’re very worried that other people will want to do this.'”

“The Amazing Cancer Kid”.  He’s a very robust boy. He’s robustly healthy. He plays football. He dances. He’s a ‘chunky’ chap, you know, and he still has cancer.”

“As soon as they started filtering the water and going on the organic diet, his ability to withstand the chemotherapy improved.”

“Unrefined sea salt, exactly, people will argue as to whether the Himalayan is better than some other kind. Some form of sea salt is essential.”

“Be calm. Be peaceful. Meditate. De-stress in some way. Go for a run. Go for a walk. Read My Book, ‘Sixty Shades of Cancer.'”

“I feel it’s the person who has the cancer who has to make the decision.”

“People can’t help you if they don’t know you need help.”

In one word, how can a person heal? “Meditate”

Jonathan Chamberlain’s Expertise

Jonathan was a language teacher in Hong Kong when his profoundly handicapped daughter was born. This led to him founding two charities, one in Hong Kong and one in China. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer he read as many books as he could but none was the book he was looking for. Jonathan says: “She died as much from the treatment as from her cancer.” To this day, his reading continues, as does his writing.

Jonathan is a researcher and author of four books on cancer and one on care-giving, a personal memoir of life with Stevie, a tragic story of his daughter, who was born with Down’s syndrome, suffered brain damage during open heart surgery and was left blind, with epilepsy and unable to sit or roll over. If dealing with a severely disabled child wasn’t enough, Jonathan’s wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She did exactly as doctors told her and began rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She never fully recovered and in a six month period, both Jonathan’s wife and his daughter passed. He found himself barely able to function, still he had a son to raise, research to do and books to write, and so his journey to the truths about cancer began.


Jonathan’s Books

The Cancer Survivor's BibleThe Cancer Survivor’s Bible 550 pages of facts, discussion of the issues and a critical survey of all the options – both conventional and alternative. Also available as 8 short books under the title Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guides Books 1-8




Cancer Recovery GuideCancer Recovery Guide: 15 alternative and complementary strategies for restoring health This is a slim volume which looks at the different ways cancer can be attacked by alternative means





Cancer? Don't Panic Take Control of YOUR Cancer Journey by Jonathan Chamberlain photoCancer? Don’t Panic Take Control of YOUR Cancer JourneyA short book designed to empower patients with a quick review of some basic issues (like who is in control and making the decisions?) Click on the title above or the book to the left to order a printed copy from Amazon.

To download a FREE copy from Jonathan Chamberlain’s website click here: Cancer? Don’t Panic, digital download.





The Amazing Cancer Kid: True Story of Connah Broom by Jonathan ChamberlainThe Amazing Cancer Kid: The totally true story of Connah Broom The amazing story of how a young boy is living and going on living (and getting better!) with ‘terminal’ cancer.




Wordjazz for Stevie – Jonathan ChWordjazz for Stevie by Jonathan Chamberlainamberlain’s personal memoir (of life with his profoundly handicapped daughter), about the lessons of pain and love – about fighting back and taking control of fate.





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