Healing Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Trauma with Dr. Linda Berry

Dr. Linda Berry, Author of Internal Cleansing, Trauma Healing Expert, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist photo

Dr. Linda Berry, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist and Expert in Trauma Healing shares her powerful and personal story of overcoming extreme physical and emotional trauma.

As a young woman Dr. Linda had a promising career as a dancer, until a near fatal car accident left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair at only 24 years old.

In this interview she shares exactly how she overcame this devastating blow to her career and life, to walk again, and to share her expertise in trauma healing.


How I Recovered from a Near Fatal Boating Accident

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On July 16, 2010, I went out on Lake Michigan with my cousin and his girlfriend in a 20 foot speedboat to watch the sunset. After the sun went down, we went for a short ride and then began our return ride home.

It was dark and my cousin did not see a sea wall. We ran into the wall at 25 mph. I was in the captains chair, next to him, and went flying. I hit the dashboard. It took 1 hour for the paramedics to find us. I was alert and in pain.

It wasn’t until 6 days later, when I “came to” in ICU that I found I had broken my C2, all my ribs and both lungs collapsed. I spent 2 more weeks in the hospital and then headed for home to Atlanta. I spent 12 weeks in a neck brace called a Minerva collar and 8 more months in rehab.