Wendy Banting on Advanced Breast Cancer and Using Body, Mind and Spirit in Healing

Wendy Banting, Author of Wake Up and Eat The KaleWendy Banting, Author of Wake Up and Eat The Kale, shares the story of her journey through advanced breast cancer.

She speaks about using a specialized macrobiotic diet, conventional treatments, and natural therapies and including energy work through yoga. Wendy shares her experience in traveling out of the United Stated to attend sessions for with a faith healer, a therapy wrought in mystery.

Wendy found her own way to healing and through sharing her story of success over advanced breast cancer, she hopes to encourage you to find therapies that resonate with you and heal you.




Healing Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Trauma with Dr. Linda Berry

Dr. Linda Berry, Author of Internal Cleansing, Trauma Healing Expert, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist photo

Dr. Linda Berry, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist and Expert in Trauma Healing shares her powerful and personal story of overcoming extreme physical and emotional trauma.

As a young woman Dr. Linda had a promising career as a dancer, until a near fatal car accident left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair at only 24 years old.

In this interview she shares exactly how she overcame this devastating blow to her career and life, to walk again, and to share her expertise in trauma healing.


Healing Allergies, Life Trauma and Power Losses with Emotional and Spiritual Healer Cheryl Ueding

Cheryl Ueding of SoulStarConnection.com.au

Cheryl Ueding’s story gives such clarity to the realization that we really can overcome anything when we understand how much our emotional health is directly related to our physical health. Not just related though. When you find yourself holding onto deeply traumatic emotions, it remains difficult, if not impossible to heal your physical body. Our emotional body comes first … always and until we realize, acknowledge and accept that illness in our emotional ‘body’ manifests in our physical body; we remain powerless to heal ourselves.

Without giving away too much of Cheryl’s story, its important to point out that Cheryl has as much experience healing her emotional body, as anyone could ever imagine. In this interview, Cheryl shares her heart-wrenching, very personal and emotional healing story. Oh yes … 


From My Diary As A Healer – Emotional Healing

Healing: The Emerging Holistic Paradigm photoSome years ago, in Northern Virginia, I worked as a self-employed Bio-Energy Consultant, renting and sharing work space in various places, healing and teaching workshops wherever there was demand or opportunity.

One day, during opening week of a brand-new Health Food Store, I was visited by two young ladies. Actually, they were looking for the store owner who had, at that moment, stepped out for a while. We discussed the concept of the store, incorporating and offering several holistic healing approaches, whereby they became interested in my brochure and energy work–something foreign to them at that time. They agreed to sample my art but, suspiciously, insisted to be both in the room. We also agreed that they would not reveal to me, ahead of time, any particular health issues or emotional concerns.

So I began working on one of them, as the other one watched quietly. I soon became fascinated with my client’s legs, as she was stretched out on my massage table. I noticed a specific energy discrepancy in the area of both thighs. Several times, I asked her, “What happened to your legs?” Yet, every time, she denied any recollection of trauma involving her legs.