Diane Weisman Breast Cancer SurvivorDiane’s humorous and joyful spirit shines through in this beautiful and sometimes funny video interview below about her journey through breast cancer. Her story moves through pressure from doctors to have double mastectomy and oophorectomy (removal of ovaries) to a compromise that included lumpectomy and localized radiation only. First though, Diane took six months to research, learn, find support and build a foundation for healing.

Doctors partly based their decision that Diane should have double (or single) mastectomy on their false assumption that she was positive for the BRCA1 gene. Three months into Diane’s six month experiment on the Macrobiotic diet she got authorization to take the test, which turned out to be negative.

After she found a lump, which turned into two, the stage one diagnosis turned into stage two because of the presence of multiple tumours. Even with the massive fear that surrounds a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, Diane was able to recognize that in order to make the right decisions, she must remain calm and in control.

This message really stuck, how much better it is when we are in control of our own circumstances, rather than letting circumstances control our outcomes, because they are OUR outcomes, it is OUR life. STICKY NOTE: Do whatever you can to stay calm and in control!

Maybe the best advice came from her older brother: “Well, I won’t tell you what to do but which one feels like the most love to you?”

Open to all suggestions from holistic healing, Eastern medicine to Western conventional medicine and everything in between, Diane tried whatever felt right to her at the time. She changed everything about her nutrition and lifestyle, from following a strict Macrobiotic diet, installing an alkaline water filter, even wearing cabbage leaves on her breasts during yoga sessions. Open minds create opportunities for healing.

Deep in the interview, Diane shares two recipes for a radiation relief cocktail from her nutritionist that helped her body cope with treatments and Sweet Drink which she makes with George Wendt who starred as Norm Peterson in the television sitcom Cheers. Scroll below for links to all resources talked about in this interview.

It’s quite a thing to be able to make a cancer journey joyful and even funny at times. Look for Diane’s husband Craig in the background, adding support when needed = hilarious and wonderful! Great interview! Tons of wonderful information. Please LIKE, COMMENT on and SHARE this incredible interview and Thank YOU for watching!




“Ask God To Direct You And Protect You”

“I started opening up to anything anybody had to say, holistic, Eastern, Western, mind, body and soul, my husband and I just embraced ourselves”

“I gave myself six months, that was a big step because in six months I could have gone from first stage to fourth stage, that’s a half a year”

“Well, I won’t tell you what to do but which one feels like the most love to you?”

“Don’t be taking out all the lymph glands that you can find and yanking this and that out, just take out what you need to take out”

“What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger”

“It was right for me and no one was telling me what to do, I was thinking from my heart and not from what people were shoving in my head”

“I can’t fret about yesterday and I can’t worry about tomorrow, really living in the now”

“I put my arm under and I showed him where they were, which was interesting because six months prior there was no trouble finding those two lumps”

“Angelina Jolie took one road to safeguard herself and that was her journey and what I’m learning is that I think its like snowflakes, all of them are different, all of them are unique, as we are, so that was right for her and that was right for me”

“It’s so hard to know if you are making the decision, if your doctor’s making the decision, if your mother’s making the decision, if your kids are scared and putting pressure on you, or whatever it is, you have to do your journey”

“This is my journey, don’t look at me as your template, you have to follow your journey”

“The important thing is less fear, less worry, when people have cancer, a lot of times they don’t want you to give them the worst scenario”

“If you need surgery, get surgery when it’s needed, but also supplement it with a healthy mind and good food”

“With any type of cancer, your body is in an agitated state, so first let’s calm the body down so you can think and go through the proper channels and have a good support system”

“Definitely do your research, whether it’s books, the internet, there are people with a wealth of information, you can go on Facebook for a support group”

In one word, how can a person heal? “I think the best way for a person to heal is to live in gratitude, which is also living in the now, because if you’re living in the now, you’re grateful for everything you have”



We Spark Local and Online Cancer Support Group

Los Angeles, California and online at www.WeSpark.org

Gilda’s Clubs

Gilda’s Clubs in New York City, Toronto and various locations throughout USA, Canada and International – We’ve added links to NY and Toronto above, search your city for a Gilda’s Club, they are everywhere.

Radiation Relief Cocktail

Radiation Relief Cocktail = 1 tablespoon Shoyu (aged soy sauce), 1 tablespoon Kudzu (thickener), 1 tablespoon Umeboshi paste (alkaline plum), mixed with hot water and taken after each treatment.

Sweet Drink with George Wendt

Sweet Drink with George Wendt on Kick Cancer Club With Diane



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“Kick Cancer Club” is a new Web series that follows a typical working wife and mother as she’s hit with a sudden existential dilemma: a diagnosis of breast cancer. A remarkably upbeat actress and Hollywood dresser to the stars, Diane Weisman bravely shares her hopes, fears and bewilderment about the dizzying array of cancer information now available through the Internet. What is real, what’s a hoax? Must Western medicine and Eastern alternative therapies conflict? Diane, her husband Craig and two boys learn about water quality, the effect of sugar on tumors, special diets such as macrobiotic eating, yoga and other relaxation techniques, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. From left field healing by a gaze from “BRACO” to family support groups such as “weSpark”.

It’s a lot to expect anyone to learn, let alone someone facing such a huge turning point in her life. Diane Weisman wants others to know that they’re not alone. Along with special celebrity guest stars and cooking segments, “Kick Cancer in the Can with Diane” is compelling, informative and entertaining. Follow Diane in real time as she faces an arduous journey in her quest for answers, addressing not just questions about cancer, but about how to live a life worth living.