Dan and Sally Roman from Health e-Solutions Diabetic Alkaline Lifestyle photoWhen Dan and Sally Roman’s son Gabriel was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes they immediately sprang into action, researching, studying and experimenting with low carb, low glycemic, non-allergenic foods. Although the results weren’t immediate, it took only a few months for Gabriel’s blood glucose levels to stabilize and for him to feel much better and more energetic. Soon though his brother Nathan was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Nathan’s journey to health took much longer, as it was almost two and a half years until his blood sugar was stabilized. Sally worked to develop over 100 healthy, diabetic alkaline recipes, in seven recipe e-books, which are all available on their website. Now both boys are living healthy lives without insulin injections or diabetes medications.

Co-owners of Health e-Solutions, Dan and Sally use their skills and knowledge to teach people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes to balance their blood glucose and live a healthy, normal life. They also assist families with children who have been diagnosed with diabetes about the practical aspects of preparing food and encouraging their children to eat in a way that promotes balanced blood glucose levels and optimal health.

“Not only is he not taking insulin, he has sufficient insulin levels, c-peptide blood insulin levels to have a normal life.”



“Is there anything I can do?”

“Functioning beta cells remaining even for people up to 50 years who have had Type 1 Diabetes.”

“Pancreatic beta cells can regenerate!”

“The first priority is to have good stable blood sugars.”

“If we can avoid it (insulin) or take it to the least amount possible, we believe that’s optimal.”

“We went down that path not really at all expecting to see recovery as we saw in the months that came.”

“We started realizing the effects that food has on a body that can trigger autoimmune attacks.”

“There are the triggers that cause the genetics to express themselves and those are environmental.”

“Both of our kids have told us they are very confident that they can do this the rest of their lives and they have no problem doing it.”

“We know its practical, liveable, sustainable in the real world and this should be the new normal.”

“The goal is very stable blood glucose levels, which will produce optimal health for any adult or child.”

“Not only is he not taking insulin, he has sufficient insulin levels, c-peptide blood insulin levels to have a normal life.”

“The boys’ antibody tests are all normal.”

“No two people are alike, he took another route to get better but it took him about two and a half years to stabilize.”

“We really feel it’s helpful for any Type 1 Diabetes and also we work with Type 2 Diabetics.”

“In terms of the diet, it’s so clean it puts very little stress on the body.”

“Over time your body will do all it can to restore itself to its natural healthful state and that’s what we’ve seen with our boys.”

“There is hope and there is an alternative way of managing Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.”

How can you heal yourself in one word? “Food! I think Hippocrates was right, the Father of Modern Medicine was right …”



Dan and Sally Roman’s Expertise

Dan Roman, former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a specialty pharmacy and disposable medical supply company, and Sally Roman, former Registered Nurse, are co-founders of Health-e-Solutions. After quickly experiencing the limits of standard medical practice in diabetes management for their two boys diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Dan and Sally vigorously researched, uncovered and put together the elements that comprise the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

The results surpassed even their expectations, with both boys stable and complication-free since early 2008 without exogenous insulin or other medications. Through an ongoing process of diligent investigation, combining allopathic and alternative measures, and experiencing the cause and effect of individual foods, they created and fine-tuned this lifestyle for greater success and easier, more practical application in a busy world.

They now enjoy helping others learn the practical application of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle though their company Health-e-Solutions. They support healthcare professionals who believe nutrition and exercise are critical pieces to diabetes care by providing additional resources to improve patient knowledge and motivation. The Romans offer workshops, consultations, recipe e-books and a home-study course, along with free newsletters and numerous free articles, recipes, and resources.


HealtheSolutions Lifestyle: Home Study Course, Recipe Books, Workshops and Resources

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