Tony Finds His Own Cure For Asthma photoFor 22 years, since he was only 6 years old, Tony Graziano suffered with Asthma, Nose Polyps and respiratory congestion. Tony was on medications and puffers for years, until it got so bad that he could hardly breathe. He knew he had to do something different.

Tony was born into an Italian family and it was normal for him to eat bread, cheese and lots of meat. His father was a medical physician and his family followed the medical doctrine, ‘if something was wrong, go see the doctor’.

For years he struggled with symptoms of Asthma and respiratory congestion. He had three surgeries for nose polyps and was on medications for most of his life. At only 28 years of age Tony was already pre-diabetic and was experiencing high blood pressure.

After one visit to a Naturopathic Doctor Tony found out how to eliminate all the terrible symptoms he was having. The doctor told Tony, “This is all food related, there is nothing wrong with you, you were born perfect.”

So, he was right. Once Tony eliminated dairy, meat and wheat and switched to a mostly raw, plant based diet, his body detoxed and the acidosis he was experiencing was removed. He lost 25 pounds and all the symptoms completely disappeared. No more asthma and breathing problems, no more nose polyps, blood pressure normal. Tony is now healthier than he has been his entire life and believes he found the cure for asthma by changing his diet and eliminating milk and dairy products as well as wheat and meat.