Hello Everyone,

I decided to write this post because I read TONS of forum board discussions and articles and posts that were extremely helpful and comforting for my own healing process and decided to try to do the same thing for someone else.

I had been sexually active for approximately 6 years and I went in for my first pap smear at the age of 24. I got the dreaded phone call saying “Your pap results are abnormal. You have cervical dysplasia. This is pre-cancerous”. My heart froze. CANCER. what? I was scared out of my mind.

I did a ton of research and basically became an expert in everything related to the cervix and it’s abnormalities. My gynecologist told me I should come in for a colposcopy. Again, i was so scared.

The colposcopy results came back and I had CINII, stage 2 cervical dysplasia. She said that CIN2 was extremely dangerous and that she didn’t even think cryosurgery was going to help (during cryosurgery they freeze off the affected parts of your skin with liquid nitrogen and then they fall off with pain, watery discharge and a lot of discomfort) so she told me I needed to get LEEP (laser surgical removal or a part of my cervix) in other words she wanted to chop part of my cervix right off.

Ever since I heard her say this I knew that I wasn’t comfortable at all with her suggestion. Something just didn’t feel right. Plus she didn’t mention anything, how I got it, why it was that bad, what could happen, how to improve it naturally, NOTHING. All she told me was (in other words) “Imma chop part of your cervix off girl”. That statement just didn’t resonate with me. I did some more research.

I found out that birth control pills and tobacco dramatically increased the chances of having Cervical Dysplasia. I had taken birth control pills on and off for like 4 years and I had been a smoker for the past 7 years of my life. I was appalled. None of my doctors had ever told me that my birth control pill might contribute to this, none of them had ever told me that the pill completely depletes your body’s vitamin levels (specially vitamin B).

I read and kept on reading and found out that there are a bunch of supplements that women who wanted to regress this condition needed to take. And i also read that diet was a very important factor in the healing process, as well as keeping a positive and balanced mental state.

I was diagnosed with CIN2 the 8th of May 2013. I am going to tell you guys what I did. I immediately stopped smoking tobacco and taking the pill ( I didn’t have a sexual partner at the time and I still don’t so it wasn’t difficult), i refrained from all sexual activity (I felt horrible for what i had done to my body without knowing and i felt like i needed to pay it some much due respect) I definitely changed my diet, NO fast food (i might’ve had pizza a couple of times but nothing radical) TONS of vegetables and TONS of fruits, I also significantly decreased my consumption of alcohol, sodas, sugar and all sorts of refined or processed foods in general. And I started taking the following vitamins DAILY: 1 multivitamin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, a Vitamin B complex, Green tea extract, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C. I also took a Bach Flower drop remedy (that was mostly for my altered state of mind, to keep me calm, my grandfather was sick at the time, I had been diagnosed with this, and it was just a very confusing period in my life).

Another thing that I did was switch to the menstrual cup and completely ditch tampons. This allowed me to have a broader connection with myself, my femininity, my cycles, my own inner flow as a woman. It allowed me to connect with the mystical and magic aspect of menstrual blood (i had never done this before, i had always seen my period as a hassle and as something disgusting)

I’m also a very holistic and spiritual person so I also asked for lots of love and light and healing to all the supreme powers I believe in, and I gave a lot of love and a lot of light during the days in which I was trying to heal myself.

My parents were very adamant about me wanting to take the “natural” approach to things. They were very worried and kept pushing and pushing me to get the LEEP surgery, they thought anything other than the Western Traditional approach was a bunch of “hippie bs” and that I needed to be realistic and actually DO something about my condition. I listened to their concerns respectfully but let them know that i was NOT going to get the procedure. That it was my body and my choice. What they failed to understand is that Cervical Dysplasia has deep emotional and physical roots. I tried explaining my point of view using a liposuction example. If somebody is overweight and goes to get liposuction, they’re gonna lose weight, for sure, but that person took the “easy” way out, he/she probably didn’t modify any of the habits that lead them to that overweight in the first place. So that’s what I felt the LEEP procedure was, I felt it was simply cutting an external piece of flesh without having addressed any of the underlaying motifs and reasons that caused the condition in the first place.

I went in for my second pap smear last week and picked up the results today (july 18 2013) . I am happy to announce that my condition REGRESSED from CIN2 to ASCUS in LESS than 3 months! It’s truly miraculous, even I couldn’t believe it when I first saw the result.

Now the only thing the doctor recommended was getting another pap smear in 3 to 6 months to monitor and keep everything under control.

I feel like this whole thing was a huge blessing in disguise. It made me become aware of my body, it made me respect it. I learned to treat it right, to feed it right, to love it. To respect it as it deserved to be respected. I am never going to stop taking the vitamin supplements and I am never ever going to smoke tobacco or take birth control pills again. I think the important thing in these situations is not forgetting what you’ve learned…. If I were to start smoking and not taking care of my body again then the condition would most definitely return. Our bodies are like elephants, they remember, and when you treat them right, they’ll treat YOU right.

So for anyone out there who is scared (this is a f*cking scary situation) I tell you with uttermost conviction that this disease CAN be cured, it CAN be regressed, you just need to listen to your body, love it and respect it, no need for invasive surgeries that hurt us physically and emotionally. And another thing GO get pap smears MINIMUM once a year…. I waited so long to go (I kept putting it off for no reason) and look what happened….. we need to take care of our bodies and love them, they’re our home.

Much love and blessings to all!!!! If anyone has any questions I’d be glad to answer 🙂

Mary Country