Lori Lober photoFor 18 months Lori Lober tried to find an explanation as to why she intuitively felt something was wrong with her body. By the time she was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, her tests showed HER 2 positive (breast cancer ‘oncogene’), Liver metastases as well as tumors throughout her lymphatic system. At only 36 years of age, and one month before her younger brother passed away from cancer, Lori started conventional chemotherapy treatments for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Now twelve years later, after years of Herceptin treatments, multiple surgeries and a double mastectomy, Lori is ‘alive and thriving!’

When I first heard Lori’s story, I had to sit back and take in what she was telling me. Lori’s story shows that in the worst of situations and under the most dire of circumstances our spirit and the belief it holds is so powerful that it can overcome practically anything, and that includes Stage IV HER 2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer with liver and lymphatic system metastases. How could we have known without hearing these amazing stories that our spirit of healing is so magnificent?

Of course there is a natural side to Lori’s story: “You have to eat right, you have to sleep right, you have to think right, and you have to move right … You have to understand you are what you eat.” Lori’s studies in nutrition were uber important to the healing that was taking place. Lori shares: “I don’t believe I’d be here had I not incorporated holistic modalities, which I totally believe is one of the reasons why I’m alive.”

Doctors gave Lori a two percent chance of living more than five years. To watch her younger brother slip away to the very disease that was rising within her was almost too much for Lori to bear.  Against the greatest odds, Lori dusted off the recesses of her spirit and broke through the shackles of one of the deadliest killers of women today. Her message rings clear to teach us that no matter what odds you are given, no matter what trials and tribulations are placed on your path, your indomitable spirit will pull you through. Lori tells us: “That’s why I wanted to live, I wanted to prove that there are survivors of every type and every stage of cancer.”

Lori shares intimate details in this interview, as she goes on record to explain why she has opted out of breast reconstruction surgery after a double masectomy.




“I knew something was wrong with my body intuitively.”

“After being told I had below a two percent chance to live for five years, I thought I have to do everything within my power.”

“I don’t believe I’d be here had I not incorporated holistic modalities, which I totally believe is one of the reasons why I’m alive.”

“That’s why I wanted to live, I wanted to prove that there are survivors of every type and every stage of cancer.”

“That’s when I decided, ‘Hey this is not over, I mean, the journey’s not over.’

“I changed everything about how I live.”

“You have to eat right, you have to sleep right, you have to think right, and you have to move right.”

“I don’t want to be a big cancer cell, so I’m not going to fuel it with anything white.”

“Just know that you can win … if you don’t believe it and see yourself as whole and well on the other side, it cannot be!”

“There are cancer survivors of every type and every stage out there, why not one of them be you? Why not? If it can be me, it can be you.”


Lori Lober’s Expertise

“The life-altering experience left Lori deeply touched by the support she received from her husband, friends and family, inspiring her to form the Touched by Cancer Foundation to help and give hope to others “touched by cancer”. Her first book, Bigger Than Pink: The Book I Could Not Find When I Was Diagnosed With Stage IV Cancer, includes her personal journey of combining both Eastern and Western medicine. Lori continues to thrive and has been an active advocate for integrative care, biotechnology, clinical trials and optimal health and wellness through nutrition. Now Lori spends her days coaching cancer patients from all over the world. “I coach, for free, anyone who reaches out to me, anyone who wants guidance, anyone who wants to see a real life, Stage IV cancer survivor, who’s not just surviving and getting by. I want to look like I’m thriving. I want to feel like I’m thriving despite a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. No matter what setbacks we can all ‘bullet’ through it and we can pull strength from within and from angels. We can all win, we’re all here for a reason, so why not share what we learned in our journey with others who follow in our path.” Lori C. Lober, CSP, MIRM



Lori Lober’s Books:

Still Bigger Than Pink: Alive & Thriving!

Still Bigger Than Pink by Lori Lober photo

“On January 2, 2009, I saw my oncologist for my annual scans. While I am confident in my wellness and feel better than I have ever felt, I cannot help but be a bit nervous each time the tests are run. I am alive and well with great news! All are clear and I remain “no evidence of disease”! I know dedication to self-care and my new IsAgenix regimen are working to create balance in my body allowing for optimum healing! My doctors cannot give me definite answers as to why my treatments have been successful when others have failed, or even why I’m still alive and thriving now, NINE years after my stage IV, metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. However, they have said many times that I “am a very proactive patient.” Of course, being proactive does not guarantee success and long-term survival – unfortunately, there are no guarantees. However, I feel that truly believing that I was not going to die, most certainly was an important factor. In addition to that, my faith, the support of my family and friends, the combination of everything discussed in this book, and yes, a little luck, have all contributed to my long-term survival. Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, I would not necessarily have considered myself an extraordinarily lucky person. Now, however, the quality of life I live every day is much richer, the special moments more memorable, and the love I have to offer both to myself as well as to others, is deeper and more fulfilling. This is precisely why I tell everyone I meet that I feel “blessed” to have actually had cancer, and I continue to be deeply grateful to now be healthy and happy. Journey well!” Lori C. Lober, CSP, MIRM

Love To Live: Alive & Thriving!

Love To Live Alive and Thriving photo


Love to Live alive and thriving! is a beautifully written book. It touches your heart and soul, and could only be authored by an angel like Lori Lober. Out of the pain and the suffering she went through comes this beautiful light that shines on us all. This book is a must read for all women in America. I loved it. Dr. Tony O’Donnell, ND. ABC, NBC, CNN News Reporter, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man of the Year, 2001.

“This book gives others hope. As a physician and researcher, Lori’s story inspires me to do more, to keep working, to never give up on patients, and to never allow my patients to give up on themselves.” H. Kim Lyerly, MD, Director, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center.


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