Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Linda Devine Is NOW CANCER FREE After Curing Herself Naturally!

Linda Devine on a real cure for breast cancer

In 2008 Linda Devine was given the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Instead of giving up her power to someone else, Linda made the very wise decision to heal herself with holistic nutrition and natural therapies only. In only 10 months Linda cured herself and doctors could find no trace of the tumour. What follows is a transcript of an interview with Linda where she shares exactly what steps she took to cure breast cancer herself.



“Hello and welcome to the Incredible Healing Journals. I’m your host Lisa Robbins.

Today, I’ll be interviewing a friend and wonderful person, a well respected business woman, Life and Wellness Coach, and founder of the Kawartha Holistic Health Network, and the Peterborough Wellness Expo, Linda Devine.

Linda has such an incredible story to tell us. I love this story, because it fills me with hope for the future, for women and for their daughters all over the world.”

“Thank you, I’m so glad to be here today and to be able to share this information. I think it is so important for people to know the truth.”

 “Linda, can you tell us what happened to you in June of 2008?”

Yes, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I should tell you though I did have cervical cancer about seven years ago and that was dealt with a couple of times. Various things were done, colposcopy, cone surgery then finally laser surgery, but never any radiation or anything, it was just not necessary.


Can you tell me a little bit about your breast cancer.

I went to a doctor and she found a tiny lump so they decided to do a mammogram which I wasn’t really thrilled about but I thought, “Well, okay I’m going to do it”. In the mammogram they did see something, so they did an ultrasound and then the doctor confirmed that it was definitely cancer and I should have surgery and then radiation. I asked him at that time about natural therapies and he just kind of laughed at me.


You must have been scared.

I was very scared. I was so scared that I honestly didn’t know what to do. I think it was worse because of their attitude, you know it was like, oh well this is just routine, it’s no big deal, you’re just a number, not really a person, you know. The bedside manner was absolutely horrendous.


Were you seeing an Oncologist, or someone else?

Well he made an appointment for me to see an Oncologist and scheduled the surgery, and the radiation, and when I left that office, I was in such a stupor, that I was just, just beside myself.

Because, the very first thing you think is, “Oh my god, I’m going to die, I’m going to die.” But then when I really started to think about it, “Okay wait a minute, it’s only a little lump, they caught it really early, so maybe they can just remove the whole thing and it will be gone.”

And then I started thinking, the cut and burn thing, that’s just not me, that’s not what I believe. And here, I’ve been advocating natural health and yet I’m considering to have this done?

And then, I kind of got my head back and I decided, “No, I’m not doing it.”


Did you talk to them about that choice, or did you just not go back?

Oh, no, I talked to them, they tried to talk me out of it and basically my doctor fired me.


So, let me just back up a minute. When you were diagnosed in that very first appointment, they were already booking surgery and radiation, right there?

Oh yeah.


But you were in shock.

I was in shock, I didn’t have time to even think about it. He actually said to me that if he hadn’t been so busy that day, they would have done it that day.

They don’t even want to give you a chance to think, and thank goodness, thank goodness, I had that time, because my appointment wasn’t scheduled for another week.


So what happened after the appointment?

I knew I couldn’t drive, because I was just too shaken up. I walked home, and in that walk, that’s when I decided. I’m not doing surgery, I’m not doing radiation.

My body just told me, “No, it’s the wrong thing to do.”


But you already know a lot about natural healing.

Well, I would say enough, you know, not as much as a lot of other people. I haven’t taken any formal education or training, but I’ve done lots of research and all the things I’ve read about and dealt with people about.

It’s a horrible situation to find yourself in, but once you get past that initial shock, and realize that you are the only person that can take responsibility for your own body, and it’s not up to them, you know, YOU have to find out about what happens to your body.

You know, if you really listen to your body, you know what the right thing is to do.

And all the research that I did, it guided me to exactly what I needed to see, what I needed to read, where I needed to go, everything.


Do you have any idea what contributed to your cancer?

I have an idea myself, I think it was stress, I had been through a horrendous amount of stress over the past couple of years and so I think that was a huge contributing factor, and also I’d kind of let my diet go a little bit because I was under so much stress, I couldn’t be bothered cooking, so you know, “I’ll just grab something quick” but that’s a mistake, absolutely.


When you were diagnosed, did they do a biopsy?

No, but they wanted to.


How big was the lump?

5 millimeters, or half a centimeter.


Well that’s kind of small, so instead of a biopsy, they could have just taken the whole thing out.

Yep, he explained to me, they put a needle in, and the needle inside that needle to drain out what’s there, to see what it is.

So I said, “okay, when they pull that first needle out, that’s going to make a hole right? What happens to that? What happens to those cells that you’ve just exposed to the rest of my body?

“Oh, no it’s not”, he said.

“Can you prove it?” That’s what I said.

“Well, no nothing’s foolproof” he said.

“Okay, thank you” that’s what I thought.


Okay, now we are going to get to the biggest question.

What changes, what supplements, diet changes, stress reduction, what things did you do?

I did some research around various diets and foods and what would be the best thing for me, again listening to my body. Probably about six or eight months previous, I’d started doing some research on Macrobiotic eating, and it’s funny how your body leads you to things like that. I thought there was obviously a reason why I was already led to that so I did more research on Macrobiotics and it just felt like the right thing, so that’s what I did.

I was really, really strict on myself, which is difficult for me because I absolutely love bread, so no wheat, no gluten, no yeast, nothing like that, so that was tough, but I did it.

As far as supplements, I got hold of B17, which is Laetrile, and took that for about six months, and every once in a while I think, ‘hmm, am I okay without’, and I’m just guided, and just listen, you know?

I also took Maitake.


Maitake mushrooms, what form did you take those in?

Well, a capsule, I actually took the Host Defense by New Chapters that’s a really good one. It’s really difficult to get pure Maitake, without anything else in it, so there’s various other mushrooms in it as well.

I also took Zinactive, that’s a prolithic enzyme. That was from the Naturopath who recommended I read the book, Natural Healing Therapies For Cancer by Dr. Michael Murray, and it’s a really good book, so I would recommend that too.

There were so many things I was taking, extra Vitamin C.

I was walking outside quite a bit, so wasn’t taking supplements when I was outside, but now that I can’t get outside as much because of the winter weather, I’m taking a Vitamin D oil supplement. Omega 3, a really good multivitamin, Vitamin A, turmeric.

Some of the things I did were meditation and visualization. In one meditation I actually saw the cells being removed and I just observed, I didn’t control it in any way.


How long did you meditate for?

Probably about 4 years on and off now. I’m not a religious meditator day by day, I don’t do it that way, but when I feel I need it, I do it. I do meditate every day, but I may do 5 minutes or 10 minutes, but not for hours.


It’s probably easy for you to get into that mode of meditation if you’ve practiced for that long.

Yes it is, and even though there’s angst and there’s panic and there’s fear, you know that once you get into that meditative state, that all goes, and then you can focus on what’s in there and what you need to do. So you can visualize where the cancer cells are, where the illness is, and that’s how I guide people to what to do. To really just sit with it and be there, be there with whatever it is and then you can guide it to do whatever you need it to do.

No negative TV shows.

Lots of sea vegetables, mostly organic whenever I could get it, and whey protein too to help with glutathione in the liver.


I want to back up just a little bit and talk in more detail about the macrobiotic diet, because a lot of people don’t understand what that is.

Okay, sure. Basically macrobiotic diet is grains, greens and beans, so as long as you have about 40 to 50% of grains, about 40 to 50% green vegetables, and then 10 to 20% of beans and other things you can put into soup.

Miso soup is a big one on the list so I have it pretty much every day.

Leafy greens that grow towards the sun are better. They really base their diet on the climate you live in. So here being a North American climate, leafy greens that point towards the sun are really good for our bodies because we are pulling that energy from the sun.

The grains, it’s better than eating things like potatoes, and ground vegetables, things like peppers, tomatoes, the nightshades.

So about half whole grains, and half vegetables and local fruit, apples, things that grow in this North American climate. I stopped eating bananas, even though they are so rich in potassium. To bring things in that are grown in a completely different climate it just doesn’t gel with what our bodies need.

So they are very much into things that are grown in the same type of climate as we are in. For us that means swiss chard, kale, spinach, cabbage, apples, carrots and so on.

And it’s the way you cook too, a lot of chopping and cutting. It’s your frame of mind when you are preparing the food. It’s a lot of yin and yang energy, that depends on what type of food it is and what kind of energy you need to cure the illness you have.


What changes in attitude did you have?

It’s really, really important to stay as positive as you can and it’s hard to do because you’re scared and you hope you’re doing the right thing, and you have doubts about what you are doing. The key is to really stay positive and surround yourself with positive people.

If you’ve got a friend that is rather negative, just remove yourself from that person for awhile.

Just focus on yourself, you really need to do that.

Stay positive.


How do you know that your cancer is gone?

I feel it, and I confirmed it with thermography.


So, in only 10 months you not only cured your own breast cancer, but you brought yourself back to an excellent state of health. You really look great.

Yes, I cured my own cancer and I feel great as well, thank you.


Can you explain thermography to us?

It’s like a heat-sensitive way of testing for breast cancer.

It’s a very safe way and I would recommend if people really want to be in charge of their health and their body, do the thermography, before its necessary to do a mammography. When I had thermography it said yes, there are irregular cells there, they can’t say in thermography yes it is cancer, but they can say, unless it’s really big then they can see it, but what they can say is, it’s all colours, its dense, but also more heat. That’s when they say there is irregular cell activity going on.


So what do you feel is the difference between your approach to healing cancer and someone who chooses conventional treatments?

Well, I am confident that natural therapies work and I think a lot of people are not quite that confident yet. I know people who believe in natural therapies and they go along with it. Then they are diagnosed with a life threatening illness and they let their doctor talk them into conventional treatments. I’ve seen people die from it.

I know a man who developed pancreatic cancer and went for surgery and it just spread through his whole body.

What doesn’t make sense to me is, why would you expose someone to something that is detrimental to their health when they’re already sick? Why would you do that? That doesn’t make any sense. When I hear about these things happening to people it’s just heart wrenching.


If someone was diagnosed with cancer what would you tell them?

Do research, for your own good. Stay as positive as you possibly can, I know it’s hard, but it’s so important. Once you pass the initial shock it gets easier and easier.

Find a support system. I met some awesome friends who I could talk to, and cry on their shoulder and scream at.

Have faith, whether you call it God or the Creator or whatever you want to call it there is a higher power out there, so have faith.

It’s not meant to be for you to be sick. Everyone is meant to be healthy, but we need to take responsibility for our health. If you just allow others to do it to you and follow their advice that’s not necessarily the best thing for your body.


So you have a chance to control your health and your future.

You do. You do.

What about people who have not been diagnosed, but oftentimes we feel something is wrong and we are scared, what would you tell someone like that?

If they are the type of person who are really in tune with themselves, I would say meditate and ask, really get into that space, and ask if there is anything you should be concerned about, that you need to take care of. You will be guided to the right trail. Some people believe that macrobiotic cooking is not the right way, because they believe in a raw food diet. That’s okay, for some people that’s the way to go. You know the macrobiotic diet is not the answer for everyone.


But it’s certainly healthier than the diet most people are eating.

Oh my goodness yes, oh absolutely.


So, it’s providing their body with the nutrients they’ve been needing.

Well, exactly. It’s taking away all of that junk food. That’s the primary thing. That’s what people need to get rid of. Stop going to fast food places. You know you’re eating burgers with heaven only knows what’s in them, and french fries, and bags of potato chips, that’s garbage for your body. It’s horrible stuff.


So not only are you filling your body with chemicals and trans fats, but you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to protect itself. That’s the main problem. When you say you added sea vegetables, that’s probably the best thing you could have done for yourself, is to add those rich nutrients back into your diet from sea vegetables.

There’s one dish that I make with Daikon radish that is a little bit strange, I grate that and grate a whole carrot and boil that and one umeboshi plum chopped in little pieces, and I take a piece of Nori, the seaweed they use to wrap around sushi. I take that and its like a soup and its really good for reducing tumor growth and so many other things.

That’s the thing when you start eating healthy, healthy foods do so many good things for your body, not just one thing.

You have so much more energy, and it’s the clarity too. There are many other things out there that are equally as good but this is what suited me.

There’s a really good recipe with Daikon, and Lotus Root and Cucumber. That’s really good too, in the summer.


What kinds of cleanses did you do?

The macrobiotic diet is kind of a cleanse in itself, but I started on an Isagenix program which is shakes with whey protein. The whey protein that is in their product, is not denatured and it hasn’t been exposed to any pesticides or any kind of pharmaceuticals. They get it from cows in New Zealand, and they aren’t exposed to pesticides, they aren’t injected with hormones or anything like that. It’s the purest form of whey protein that you can possibly get, and that’s what I’m looking for.

They also have a product that’s called Ionic Supreme that has about 200 nutrients in it, so a shot of that a day. I started in October, so a couple of months.

It’s expensive, but you know what, it’s your health, and when you are dealing with your health, it’s worth it.


I feel that the gist of what you’re saying is that regardless of what way you choose, whether you choose a raw diet, whether you choose an herbal tea that cures cancer, or you choose macrobiotic diet, which many others have used to cure cancer, or whether you choose to just take garlic for the rest of your life, whatever you choose, if it’s something that will help your body, as opposed to something that will hinder your body’s ability to heal, that’s the better choice.


Even mammograms…

Yes, it’s radiation going into your body.


It definitely causes breast cancer. There’s no doubt about it.

Sure it does, sure it does.

And they encourage women to go for mammograms every year? That’s insane!


I know it’s insane, and it’s also a marketing tool.

Mammograms are definitely a marketing tool because they bring in the women, and screen the women and there’s no doubt, its fact, if you’ve had so many mammograms, you’re risk for breast cancer is increased. They are causing breast cancer to happen.

Absolutely, absolutely.


So, not just the treatments, but even the tools used to diagnose breast cancer, actually cause cancer.


Thermography doesn’t harm in any way.

The more we make people realize what the options are, what’s available, that you don’t have to do the cut and burn, you don’t have to, its just not necessary. That’s one of the reasons why I started the Peterborough Wellness Expo, just to let people know what options are out there, then we can make intelligent decisions based on what we know.


Are there any resources that you would suggest that people refer to if they are dealing with breast cancer?

There’s a lot of information on the internet, but I would caution people to not take everything seriously that you read on the internet. Make sure you know what the source is, where it’s coming from, because anybody can write anything on the internet, so just be careful where its coming from. One book that is very, very good is Natural Healing Therapies For Cancer by Michael Murray. He is a doctor and a naturopath.

There are numerous other ones. I’ve probably read most of Michio Kushi’s books, all on macrobiotics and healing. There are lots of case studies in his books, that outline the treatment that was given to people with lung cancer, cured; people with liver cancer, cured; all kinds, skin cancer, and worse, much worse cases than what I’ve had.

So, you know, it can be done. Absolutely, with no question.


What is most important for women to know?

I think the most important thing is to listen to your body and take responsibility for it. That’s the biggest thing. It’s huge, because there are just too many people that go to their doctor and say I’m sick, fix me. While, they’re not gods, they’re not gods. They are normal people just like we are and they don’t know. They don’t know what the cure for cancer is.


But we do.

I think we do.


Linda, I wanted to just change direction here for a minute, because I see we are almost out of time, but can you talk a bit about why you started the Holistic Health Network in Peterborough?

Sure. I started the Holistic Health Network because it helps promote other people who are in that field. It gives them a network group among themselves, but it also gives them credibility in the community. When we’ve got an affiliation that we are associated with, it automatically gives that person more credibility. Its like belonging to a coaching federation, or a group of lawyers, or the medical association for example, doctors, you know that gives them more credibility by belonging to that association. That’s the reason I started the Holistic Health Network.

The Peterborough Wellness Expo is pretty much the same thing, but on a grander scale. So that people are aware of all the different modalities that are out there.


So they know where to find people.

And its all in one location, so there’s all kinds of practitioners there, and products, all kinds of services, all under one roof.

Then people can sort of pick and choose and ask lots of questions.

I also do personal coaching. People are sometimes going through radiation and chemo and if they realize that is really harming their body and they want to find something else, that will help them then I will help guide that person to other options.


So, this whole thing has created this want for you to help other people because of what you have learned.

Absolutely, well, I’m a life coach, but it’s developed into being a wellness coach. I help guide people to proper nutrition, and other information for any kind of illness they might have. Perhaps they just don’t know how to deal with it in a natural way, because all they’ve been exposed to is conventional methods. So they want to find out more and I help them find all the options that are out there.


Thank you Linda, I’ve enjoyed this interview so much! The information you have given here is incredible. This kind of information has the potential to heal a great many people.

Thank you.


UPDATE: It is 2012 – Linda is happy and healthy with no trace of cancer!!!