Nuro Weidemann, Massage Therapist, cured herself of non Hodgkins Lymphoma with diet and natural therapies photoWhen Nuro Weidemann was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2009, after finding a little lump in her breast, she was told it was aggressive, fast spreading, and in an unusual place. It was recommended that she have chemotherapy the following week, ‘right away’, most likely followed by radiotherapy. After watching her mother’s ‘dreadful ending’ from cancer of the uterus, Nuro had a powerful feeling to do something … anything else. When Nuro’s initial reaction was to back off their recommendations, doctors warned she would be dead within six months to two years if she refused their treatments.

She was in ‘total desperation and shock’, and contacted an old friend who was healed from cancer herself, once as a child on the Gerson Therapy, and once again forty years later. The friend sent an emergency list of the most important things for Nuro to do, which included, ‘stay away from all food that is acid forming and go on a very clean diet.’ With doctors pressuring her to go in for chemotherapy treatments the following week, Nuro could only remember her friend’s advice: ‘Go on a very clean diet.’

Nuro’s solution to her fear and panic was to do the complete opposite of what was being pushed at her. Most people find it very difficult to overcome their fear and trust themselves. Not Nuro: “I was ripped with fear and panic and having these doctors kind of in my ear and in my case wanting me to start chemotherapy next week, so I went on this very clean, mostly vegetable diet, with lots of fresh, green juices.” 



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“I don’t want to make any decision from fear because obviously I was gripped by fear and panic…”

“I got this letter saying, “Ms. Weidemann has this unrational fear of chemotherapy, and we think if she doesn’t go down this route she will be dead in six months to two years. That’s three and a half years ago, and I’m still alive and kicking.” 

“After being on a very clean diet for a few months, my body just felt so strong, and it wasn’t just my body, I felt my spirit really was with me all the way.”

“For me it was fascinating how my body kicked in to embrace all these things.”

“How can I know if it spreads maybe to other parts that aren’t obvious to me?”

“Doing this very clean diet really put me in touch with some very, very strong inner voice where I felt I can’t listen to anyone else, I just have to listen to my own truth. There came even a point where it was so vital to listen to this little voice inside me, that I thought right, if that means I die eventually, well we all die eventually. Very existential questions came up for me and to follow my own truth was more important than listening to loads of other people and my own truth was, ‘no, just do it, just carry on, you don’t feel bad, you’re doing what you can do, you feel great, really.’ Yes there are these pockets of fear, four or five o’clock in the middle of the night when everything is dark,  but really, during the day when I did my program, when I had my third green juice in the afternoon, I felt like wow I can take that on.” 

“The most important thing is for people to get informed and that people also listen to their own truth.”

“As long as people believe in what they are doing and it sits right with them, and there is an active involvement in their healing, it’s not just lying back and receiving the chemotherapy and saying ‘oh yeah I do everything that the doctor said,’ but that there is really some kind of conscious involvement.” 

“My body has created something and rather than saying, ‘Oh I need to kill it,’ I thought, ‘Okay, what’s the message, what’s my body wanting to tell me?”

Nuro Weidemann’s Expertise

Nuro is a practicing Massage Therapist with over 20 years experience, living in the U.K. Nuro was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and cured herself by changing her diet, reducing stress and focusing on and caring for herself.


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