Cortney Campbell of Green Drink Diaries, Cancer Thriver Healer of Hodgkins Lymphoma photoIn this heartfelt story, a young couple married only three months had their lives changed drastically when Cortney developed a second growth in her armpit, second to the one which had been in her neck for years. At a very young twenty-six years old, she was diagnosed with a slow growing lymphatic cancer known as Hodgkins Lymphoma.

A long term, chemotherapy cocktail is the ‘only thing that will cure’ Cortney’s cancer, her oncologist stated and when she and her husband Kevin learned of the high infertility rates and toxicity associated with the treatment, they focused their energies elsewhere.

Kevin went into protection mode, devoting all time and energy to finding an alternative method of treating her cancer. Cortney says she was negative and defensive, ‘one of the other side’ and didn’t want to cause conflict by arguing with doctors or going against their recommendations.

Eventually Kevin and his research won Cortney over and she began to develop her own raw vegan protocol. She followed it with ‘laser focus’ for six months. Four months in, life threw a major curve ball at Cortney when she found out she was pregnant!  At an appointment, exactly six months after starting her own healing protocol and while still pregnant, Cortney’s oncologist classified her in clinical remission:

“My oncologist classified me in clinical remission, absence of symptoms, absence of tumor bulk.”

Now healthy and free from cancer for more than five years, with two beautiful and healthy children, Cortney is extremely grateful that she found her real path to healing and the truth about thriving despite a cancer diagnosis that could have devastated her life, health and family.



“Mostly organic raw vegan diet with very few exceptions.”

“About two weeks after I began my protocol I really started recognizing I was losing a lot of weight … I just couldn’t keep weight on.”
“Glucose is what it thrives on.”

“It was my saving grace to have that mechanism.”

“I just knew at that point, ‘I’m going to come out of this, I’m going to come out of this!'”

“I just affirmed myself, “I am healed, I am healed.”

“I had to go out hugely on faith that I’d be okay and that I was going to just keep moving forward and do what I could.”

“I had palpable tumours I could feel and to feel them go away in that six month process, to the touch completely, was just unbelievable and so reaffirming.”

“My oncologist classified me in clinical remission, absence of symptoms, absence of tumour bulk.”

“The way I feel is if you are feeling healthy and you’re thriving, no matter what the tests say you’re cancer free because we all have cancer in us to some degree.”

“It’s about living our lives and how we feel and providing our body with the food that’s going to heal it and uplift it and give us health.”

“It’s just not about what the doctors says or what the test says, you’ve just got to give your body everything it needs and help it thrive.”

“We call ourselves, ‘Cancer Thrivers’ because we’re not survivors, we’re thriving, we are continuing through it no matter what.”

“It’s a journey, it’s not a destination, like the conventional model teaches, ‘Oh, it’s gone! Okay keep going with your horrible diet.'”

“You really do end up loving the foods!”

“Take it one day at a time, one meal at a time.”

“I was wanting to just go with the status quo, don’t argue with the doctor, don’t cause conflict.”

“You just grow stronger, you just grow wiser, you get it, you start to get it after a while.”

“You have to empower yourself, so you are above them in knowledge, not above them as a person, above them in your level of knowledge.”

In one word how can someone heal? “Educate, educate.”


Cortney Campbell’s Expertise

I’m Cortney Campbell, wife to Kevin, mother of two, teacher, and holistic cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 there was just not enough information about non-toxic cancer therapies on the Web or anywhere. I knew that my heart called me to say “no” to conventional treatment, but the lack of support and resources for alternative treatments was disheartening. I am so JOYOUS to author Green Drink Diaries and to help others navigate through this difficult decision of pursuing non-toxic cancer therapies. I hope to help make life less overwhelming so that they will thrive during their cancer journey and after.


 Cortney’s Favourite Healing Book: Cancer Free – Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing

Cancer Free Your Guide To Gentle Non-Toxic Healing photo

Cancer Free: Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson





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