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For the first thirty years of my life I was living in darkness. In infancy my mother died. My father was alcoholic. An abused and dysfunctional childhood, learning disabilities and ongoing seasonal sickness were compromising my future. As a young adult, alcohol, drugs, desperation and anger kept me in a permanent state of frustration, resentment and confusion. In 1967, at age 31, I turned about and decided to become a spiritual aspirant.

Gifted with ‘free_will’ we as humans have the ability to rise above our animal instincts and carnal desires. Not wanting to kill and eat any sentient beings, I became vegetarian: 100%. No meat, fish, eggs or poultry. It was a moral decision that had nothing to do with my health

Sadly, during the first ten years I was a chain-smoking; cooked-foods, baked-flaked, roasted-toasted, dried-fried, cakes-cookies, bread, chips, pasta, ice cream, cheese-pizza-tarian. At that time I was meditating two to four hours a day and my job involved distance driving. Due to the lack of exercise and my high calorie, mostly processed, comfort foods diet, I had very little reserve energy =_= I was approaching 40 and the spare tire around my belly was a silent alarm, screaming at me; Hey pAL !_! You need to give your precious body more time and attention “°_°” Those days vegetarian leadership was difficult to find, so I had to become my own health, fitness and postural recovery coach. Lethargy, ill health and my aching back were demanding that I become a decisive student of the obvious.

Age 41, ‘I’ stopped smoking cigarettes forever, started practicing Hatha yoga daily, and began exercising more often.

Age 42, I discovered Nutritional Alkalizing. The next step to an alkaline diet was a relatively easy one for me to make. Already vegetarian, all I had to do was eliminate alcohol, caffeine, sugar and all gluten grain. The results were quite dramatic and easy enough to validate. At age 54, common sense, vanity and ongoing congestion insisted that I eliminate dairy products and become vegan.

Age 50, I started working out. I teach yoga at my local gym in exchange for use of their facility. Three to five days a week I go through the weight resistance machines or occasionally I’ll lift weights or climb the stair master. I am 6’-2” 155 lb, small boned person in a tall man’s body. I do not have the genes for bodybuilding but I do enjoy the reserves of energy I receive from working out, dancing, gardening, hiking and riding my bike. Resting pulse,

One cannot practice yoga with food in their stomach. So, I began fasting until after the evening class. As an early riser, I was surprised to learn that I was full of light, life and energy all day. Then I began fasting every day, until sometime, past high noon.

Generally after working out I munch on whole, raw fruit; all afternoon, as much as I desire, organic fruit, any kind from anywhere. I stop eating fruit an hour or two before my evening meal, which consists of a large green leafy, sprouts and raw vegetable salad. I include one cooked food with this meal, such as; legumes, millet, quinoa, teff, raw tempeh or tofu, sometimes soup, most often, lightly steamed greens or a vegetable (Sometimes 100% raw).

I’ve eliminated all gluten grains from my diet and I do not eat super foods like green powders, hemp, TSP textured-soy or whey proteins, etc. I do not take multi-vitamins. I get ample B-12 and minerals from fortified nutritional yeast, seaweeds and my home garden. Natural oils found in avocados, greens, olives, raw-nuts and seeds are an important part of my diet. I cook with coconut oil and use organic olive oil in salad dressing.

Since 1967, I have been eating organic Tempe, Tofu or Miso from two to four times a week with absolutelynegative side effects. However, I completely avoid all bottled or canned; ‘non-dairy’ nut, seed, grain, and soy milks including all of the other processed, pasteurized or packaged ‘fast-food’ byproducts. Now at Age 75, I am healthier, stronger and as vital as I’ve ever been. I’m not always 100% anything, therefore each day I must re-define the edges of my mental, physical and spiritual limitations. I find that daily meditation; Alkalizing, Exercise and Yoga, ‘YEA’ works the best for me (*¿*)

Story told by: Your pAL, (°√°) Alkaline Al

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