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Smiles, its nice to be a part of your great vision, I hope my recovery from
ulcerative colitis should motivate many to try alternate healing combination methods
to get well, GRADUALLY..Keep Smiling And Stay Well.

At 21, and fresh out of Engineering College in 1984, I wanted to go to the Gulf to work as a Civil Engineer and earn big money. In 1985, I joined a company in Baghdad and was assigned the job of handling a complicated power-curbing machine, which laid curbs on roads after they were completed. There was constant pressure to keep up the pace and meet deadlines. This caused a lot of stress to end up being bottled up, with no outlet. After completion of the project, I returned to India in 1986.

Upon my return, I suddenly fell ill with severe bouts of loose stools with blood and mucous about 15 times a day. I took medical leave at once and consulted a doctor. Even after a variety of antibiotics, my condition did not improve. It was then that I was referred to a gastroentrologist. On hearing my case, his diagnosis was quick and spot on. I had ulcerative colitis.

The treatment began with steroids and other medications. I had to start eating bland food. I was also hospitalised to correct my electrolyte balance and for a blood transfusion.

My condition gradually improved. The steroids were tapered off but the other medicines continued. We consulted another doctor who was also a friend. He said, “You will require medication for the rest of your life, just like a diabetic or blood pressure patient. You’ll get the same advice even in America.” It was disheartening to know that my problem would remain despite spending a large amount of money on medications.

Looking for a solution

I started research on the condition and the results were the same, ‘continuous medications, eat simple, and live a calm and unhurried life.’ Unfortunately, my job as a civil engineer would not relieve me from stress.

I decided to experiment. I gradually tapered off my medicines and eventually stopped them. I also tried out alternate treatments. But over the months, they all ended the same way – with a relapse. This process continued till 1999, I was in and out of various hospitals. I had to give up my job and started a small civil contracting firm to earn a living. I tried different doctors, but the treatment remained the same.

Alternate Remedies

Until one day, I read an article about Energy Healing. With great hope, I visited them and started treatment sessions. In all, I took 56 paid sessions, and I responded to the healing process in about 6 sessions. Before I got back to work, I learnt the process to treat myself. Gradually, my interest in alternate medicine developed, and I started reading on different subjects. One book on Sujok therapy helped me a lot. I was much better within a few sessions and with minimum effort. Thereafter, I started attending seminars all over the country to learn various healing methods. I started offering help to morning walkers on Juhu Beach in mumbai, at the Gandhi Statue. Here, I met many members of the Lions Club and was invited to join them in 2000. Since then, I have since visited many cities across India and abroad.

We started a daily show Aastha to educate the masses on how to get well without medicines. The show airs at 12:55 am every day. can be seen across the world on

Bye Bye Medication

As of now, I have been off medications since 2000, which was the last time that I was admitted in a hospital. My sigmoidoscopy sample tested negative to the surprise of my doctor. Being a food lover, I, relish everything. I do take care not to over do it, but I know that if anything does go out of hand, it can be set right in a few days of drug-free treatment. Along the journey, I have gained 15 kg.

If it hadn’t been for my condition, I would have still been a civil engineer on some site working from 9 am to midnight. However, now I am fully involved in treating and teaching people all over the world how they too can live very Happily with minimum intake of medications,combining many methods and products, a job that I’m really enjoying. My family keeps asking me to slow down, but I often wonder if I ever will. All I can say is ‘Keep Smiling and be Thankful for what God has given you.’

Story told by: Lion Amarjit Singh Narula.

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