How I Recovered from a Near Fatal Boating Accident

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On July 16, 2010, I went out on Lake Michigan with my cousin and his girlfriend in a 20 foot speedboat to watch the sunset. After the sun went down, we went for a short ride and then began our return ride home.

It was dark and my cousin did not see a sea wall. We ran into the wall at 25 mph. I was in the captains chair, next to him, and went flying. I hit the dashboard. It took 1 hour for the paramedics to find us. I was alert and in pain.

It wasn’t until 6 days later, when I “came to” in ICU that I found I had broken my C2, all my ribs and both lungs collapsed. I spent 2 more weeks in the hospital and then headed for home to Atlanta. I spent 12 weeks in a neck brace called a Minerva collar and 8 more months in rehab.


Nutritional Alkalizing

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For the first thirty years of my life I was living in darkness. In infancy my mother died. My father was alcoholic. An abused and dysfunctional childhood, learning disabilities and ongoing seasonal sickness were compromising my future. As a young adult, alcohol, drugs, desperation and anger kept me in a permanent state of frustration, resentment and confusion. In 1967, at age 31, I turned about and decided to become a spiritual aspirant.

Gifted with ‘free_will’ we as humans have the ability to rise above our animal instincts and carnal desires. Not wanting to kill and eat any sentient beings, I became vegetarian: 100%. No meat, fish, eggs or poultry. It was a moral decision that had nothing to do with my health

Sadly, during the first ten years I was a chain-smoking; cooked-foods, baked-flaked, roasted-toasted, dried-fried, cakes-cookies, bread, chips, pasta, ice cream, cheese-pizza-tarian. At that time I was meditating two to four hours a day and my job involved distance driving. Due to the lack of exercise and my high calorie, mostly processed, comfort foods diet, I had very little reserve energy =_= I was approaching 40 and the spare tire around my belly was a silent alarm, screaming at me; Hey pAL !_! You need to give your precious body more time and attention “°_°” Those days vegetarian leadership was difficult to find, so I had to become my own health, fitness and postural recovery coach. Lethargy, ill health and my aching back were demanding that I become a decisive student of the obvious. (more…)

How Alternate Healing Methods Changed My LIfe: Ulcerative Colitis

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Smiles, its nice to be a part of your great vision, I hope my recovery from
ulcerative colitis should motivate many to try alternate healing combination methods
to get well, GRADUALLY..Keep Smiling And Stay Well.

At 21, and fresh out of Engineering College in 1984, I wanted to go to the Gulf to work as a Civil Engineer and earn big money. In 1985, I joined a company in Baghdad and was assigned the job of handling a complicated power-curbing machine, which laid curbs on roads after they were completed. There was constant pressure to keep up the pace and meet deadlines. This caused a lot of stress to end up being bottled up, with no outlet. After completion of the project, I returned to India in 1986.

Upon my return, I suddenly fell ill with severe bouts of loose stools with blood and mucous about 15 times a day. I took medical leave at once and consulted a doctor. Even after a variety of antibiotics, my condition did not improve. It was then that I was referred to a gastroentrologist. On hearing my case, his diagnosis was quick and spot on. I had ulcerative colitis.

The treatment began with steroids and other medications. I had to start eating bland food. I was also hospitalised to correct my electrolyte balance and for a blood transfusion.

My condition gradually improved. The steroids were tapered off but the other medicines continued. We consulted another doctor who was also a friend. He said, “You will require medication for the rest of your life, just like a diabetic or blood pressure patient. You’ll get the same advice even in America.” It was disheartening to know that my problem would remain despite spending a large amount of money on medications.

Looking for a solution

I started research on the condition and the results were the same, ‘continuous medications, eat simple, and live a calm and unhurried life.’ Unfortunately, my job as a civil engineer would not relieve me from stress. (more…)

From My Diary As A Healer – Emotional Healing

Healing: The Emerging Holistic Paradigm photoSome years ago, in Northern Virginia, I worked as a self-employed Bio-Energy Consultant, renting and sharing work space in various places, healing and teaching workshops wherever there was demand or opportunity.

One day, during opening week of a brand-new Health Food Store, I was visited by two young ladies. Actually, they were looking for the store owner who had, at that moment, stepped out for a while. We discussed the concept of the store, incorporating and offering several holistic healing approaches, whereby they became interested in my brochure and energy work–something foreign to them at that time. They agreed to sample my art but, suspiciously, insisted to be both in the room. We also agreed that they would not reveal to me, ahead of time, any particular health issues or emotional concerns.

So I began working on one of them, as the other one watched quietly. I soon became fascinated with my client’s legs, as she was stretched out on my massage table. I noticed a specific energy discrepancy in the area of both thighs. Several times, I asked her, “What happened to your legs?” Yet, every time, she denied any recollection of trauma involving her legs.


Yvonne Cures Deadly Black Melanoma with Natural Cancer Therapies Only Over 30 Years Ago!

Yvonne Chamberlain Cures Melanoma photoDiagnosed with deadly black melanoma cancer, given only 6 weeks to live, and facing amputation of her leg. Immediately Yvonne took control, refused to believe any dire predictions and is here to tell her story 30 years later. Yvonne still has both her legs and has been cancer free for over 30 years. Listen to Yvonne’s story here.



IHJ Interviews Janet Beckers on Healing with Auto Immune Disease

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Janet Beckers shares a wonderful story of triumph over autoimmune disease in this audio interview.

Janet was diagnosed with Reiters, a form of reactive arthritis. She spent several years fighting this ‘mysterious’ disease and dealing with the debilitating symptoms like low energy, swollen joints, weeping eyes and congested lymph nodes. Janet made progress but the autoimmune symptoms still plagued her until she used emotional healing through a dream journal to take control of her health. What she found was that negative emotions, events and people were suppressing her ability to get well.


IHJ Interviews Brenda Cobb on Healing with Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer

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“I’ve learned over time that actually there are five main, key ingredients to healing and that they actually come in a chronological order of most important. The number one thing that is the most important for people to do to heal is to change their way of thinking because mental thinking is more important than anything, attitude is more important than anything. “

In 1999, Brenda was hit with the devastating news: She had not one, but two types of cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. Though her doctor told her she would be dead in six months if she didn’t use conventional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and was recommending both a mastectomy and hysterectomy, Brenda refused all treatment and healed herself from breast cancer and cervical cancer herself using her all natural approach.


Heather Clarke on Healing After Breast Cancer and Cancer Treatments

IHJ Interviews Heather Clarke on Healing After Breast Cancer and Cancer Treatments photoThe Christmas of 2005 should have been a time of joyful expression for Heather, but the day before Christmas Eve she found a lump in her breast that turned into a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer in February.

Now six years after Heather’s initial diagnosis, and a powerful journey of education and experience through what she calls ‘cancering,’ Heather now takes a very natural approach to keeping herself cancer free, happy and healthy.

With a background as a Rehabilitation Wellness Consultant coupled with her experience in healing from breast cancer and extensive knowledge of how to achieve optimum health, Heather is well suited to helping You on Your path to wellness.



IHJ Interviews Kapil Arn on Healing and non Hodgkins sub cutaneous T cell Lymphoma

Over 20 years ago Kapil was diagnosed with non Hodgkins sub cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. Doctors said he may live for five years but only if he took chemotherapy. Instead, Kapil removed his mercury amalgam fillings, he calls them ‘train tracks’. Then he did everything in his power to cleanse, heal and rebuild and now he is much healthier than he ever has been. Kapil reveals exactly what he did to heal from non Hodgkins Lymphoma in this short movie.

Enjoy and please share so everyone can know that it is completely possible to cure cancer yourself!