Healing: The Emerging Holistic Paradigm photoSome years ago, in Northern Virginia, I worked as a self-employed Bio-Energy Consultant, renting and sharing work space in various places, healing and teaching workshops wherever there was demand or opportunity.

One day, during opening week of a brand-new Health Food Store, I was visited by two young ladies. Actually, they were looking for the store owner who had, at that moment, stepped out for a while. We discussed the concept of the store, incorporating and offering several holistic healing approaches, whereby they became interested in my brochure and energy work–something foreign to them at that time. They agreed to sample my art but, suspiciously, insisted to be both in the room. We also agreed that they would not reveal to me, ahead of time, any particular health issues or emotional concerns.

So I began working on one of them, as the other one watched quietly. I soon became fascinated with my client’s legs, as she was stretched out on my massage table. I noticed a specific energy discrepancy in the area of both thighs. Several times, I asked her, “What happened to your legs?” Yet, every time, she denied any recollection of trauma involving her legs.

She suddenly sat up abruptly and disclaimed, “When I was 2 years old, my father ran over my legs with a lawn mower!” She started sobbing and reliving the disbelief, confusion and shock she had experienced at the time of the accident.

In conversation, it became evident that, emotionally, a part of her had remained stuck in the mode of a 2-year-old, unable to comprehend, “Why did he do this to me? As my father and protector, isn’t it his job to protect me from things like that?”

From the perspective of a 2-year-old, she still felt perplexed and betrayed…an attitude manifesting itself in her present life as a most difficult relationship with her father — “It’s always been like that and we both don’t know why this is”, and disastrous relationships with men, marked by a deep sense of mistrust. Bringing this buried issue to my client’s conscious awareness, allowed her to apply adult, rational thought to it and to understand that it was a very tragic, regrettable ACCIDENT! With this new awareness, she was finally able to forgive her father and thus heal a devastating, old emotional wound.

As I watched the ladies exit the store a while later, I noticed that my client looked just like a Christmas tree,vwith all lights lit up. I know she was profoundly changed as a result of but one healing session, and hopefully able today to have the fulfilling relationship with a partner she so deserves.

Story told by Rev. Lilo Bauer-Freitag, M.A.

Rev. Lilo’s book is Healing: The Emerging Holistic Paradigm