Janet Beckers of Wonderful Web Women photo

Janet Beckers shares a wonderful story of triumph over autoimmune disease in this audio interview.

Janet was diagnosed with Reiters, a form of reactive arthritis. She spent several years fighting this ‘mysterious’ disease and dealing with the debilitating symptoms like low energy, swollen joints, weeping eyes and congested lymph nodes. Janet made progress but the autoimmune symptoms still plagued her until she used emotional healing through a dream journal to take control of her health. What she found was that negative emotions, events and people were suppressing her ability to get well.

 Janet knew she was permanently cured of Reiters when she triumphantly threw away her illness along with the ugly red dragon cane, which had supported her during the temporary dis-ease she had been experiencing for years.

Australian Janet Beckers took the Internet industry by storm when she went from totally unknown to an award winning 6 figure business, WonderfulWebWomen.com in just a few months. She is known as The Wonderful Web Woman and has since gone on to mentor thousands of people around the world, become a best selling author, movie star, international speaker and even won the award “Australian Marketer of The Year”. She has done all this without spending a cent on advertising. Her entire business has been built on relationships and she has developed a system to show you how to do the same. She has a reputation for telling things the way they really are, without the hype…and with a cheeky sense of humour.

Click on the Audio Bar below to hear Janet as she shares her Incredible Healing Story of healing with auto immune disease.