Over 20 years ago Kapil was diagnosed with non Hodgkins sub cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. Doctors said he may live for five years but only if he took chemotherapy. Instead, Kapil removed his mercury amalgam fillings, he calls them ‘train tracks’. Then he did everything in his power to cleanse, heal and rebuild and now he is much healthier than he ever has been. Kapil reveals exactly what he did to heal from non Hodgkins Lymphoma in this short movie.

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I can feel our cancer free world, just around the corner …

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Note from Kapil:

“The main thing I wanted to get across was to do with healing the body from the inside out – the wholistic approach. The conventional approach is to ” heal ” the body from the outside in. Affirmations and visualisations were quite an important part of my healing. Working on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. That’s where all the true healing has to start.”

UPDATE August 2013: I asked Kapil if I could post this picture from Facebook here just to show you how well he is doing now after adopting a healing lifestyle!!
Dance on Kapil!! oxo
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Begone!! Kapil Arn Dancing Up A Storm!! photo