IHJ Interviews Dr. Sue Gelder On Healing Herself Of An Inoperable Spinal Tumour

Dr Sue Gelder on Curing inoperable Spinal Tumor PhotoFrom being given the death sentence, on hourly morphine and bed ridden, Dr. Sue Gelder completely heals herself of an inoperable spinal tumour using natural therapies only.

After you have watched the short video, look below for more information about Dr. Gelder and her empowering story. See links to Dr. Sue’s visualization mp3 and her book, ‘How I Cured My Tumor Naturally and How You May Help Cure Yours Too’ below

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An Incredible Story of Breast Cancer and Escharotic Paste

Patti McDonald 9 years after curing breast cancer herself photo ‘I want to help the world find the truth, one person at a time.’

Pattie McDonald, 2010


Where do I start??  As I look back I realized my cancer was a long, hard journey; but the end results:  happy, healthy and alive.  I did not only cure my cancer; I had irritable bowel, sinus infection, carpel tunnel and a few other ills.

I am not a physician; however, I believe my body was slowly shutting down in 2002.  At one point, before I met Greg Caton, I layed on my couch and wanted to die I was so sick.  Then, my grandmother called me from Illinois (she was 101 at that time).  She told me to put all of my prescription drugs in the trash, change my diet and so on. Within a week of following her advice, I started to feel better; but I still had to deal with my breast cancer.  My cancer surgeon had scheduled me for breast surgery on a Tuesday in June and I had to confront the fact that I was possibly going to lose my entire breast (cried a lot). My right breast had a lump the size of a quarter according the the ultrasound and the biopsy was inconclusive for cancer.  Duh–they wanted to cut on me and had no concrete tests. Despite this emotional roller coaster my doctor had me on, I decided to trust her and go forward with the surgery–didn’t think I had any other choice. I am naively allowing doctors to take control of my health.



Incredible Healing Journals Interviews Linda Devine on healing breast cancer with the macrobiotic diet

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Linda Devine Is NOW CANCER FREE After Curing Herself Naturally!

Linda Devine on a real cure for breast cancer

In 2008 Linda Devine was given the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Instead of giving up her power to someone else, Linda made the very wise decision to heal herself with holistic nutrition and natural therapies only. In only 10 months Linda cured herself and doctors could find no trace of the tumour. What follows is a transcript of an interview with Linda where she shares exactly what steps she took to cure breast cancer herself.