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Cheryl Ueding’s story gives such clarity to the realization that we really can overcome anything when we understand how much our emotional health is directly related to our physical health. Not just related though. When you find yourself holding onto deeply traumatic emotions, it remains difficult, if not impossible to heal your physical body. Our emotional body comes first … always and until we realize, acknowledge and accept that illness in our emotional ‘body’ manifests in our physical body; we remain powerless to heal ourselves.

Without giving away too much of Cheryl’s story, its important to point out that Cheryl has as much experience healing her emotional body, as anyone could ever imagine. In this interview, Cheryl shares her heart-wrenching, very personal and emotional healing story. Oh yes … 

It’s funny how I forgot about the multiple allergies that played havoc with Cheryl’s health and life for years. They cleared up when Cheryl acknowledged and released her emotional issues.




“I started also to see a connection between the way I was feeling and my illness.”

“I was slowly taking control. There was no body else, there was just me, right, and Inside me, I had this feeling that it was up to me, that there had to be some answer, some solution and it led me to looking outside the square a bit.”

“She wanted to live normally, she wanted to be normal, she couldn’t comprehend all of this treatment and what it did to you.”

“The mother in me became very powerful, she became very guarded, she became very strong.”

“I remember walking out of Intensive Care and being on the other side and I had this intense desire within me to let other people know how much power they’ve got in their heads, how much power, how much control you’ve got in your being, how much choice you’ve got in what you think or where you go so you don’t end up there, so you didn’t end up like that, so that was where my work was born for me.”

“My heart was taking me out, I could have ended it at any time, in that first two years Lisa, it was something that, um, the mother in me did not know how to go on, she didn’t know, she couldn’t understand, she couldn’t comprehend it.”

“To me what I found was it wasn’t what you thought, but it was everything to do with what you feel. Our thoughts and our mind is a tool for us to change that but you can’t just change your thoughts unless you are changing your feelings as well. The two are separate. And I’ve found that emotion is always the key right, its the key to your health, its the key to your illness, its the key to a good life, a bad life, you know, its the key to knowing if you’ve got issues, it’s everything.”

“As I became stronger, I pulled my life force in and the stronger I became, the more powerful I became. I don’t know which one came first.”

“My natural therapies were no longer holding things at bay, life was too intense, my emotional status was too intense.”

“Emotional Rescue and Shifting Gears Home Study Courses take you from PowerLESSness to PowerFULLness.”

“The Emotional Rescue process can be done anywhere! Its instant and its permanent.”


Cheryl’s Expertise

Cheryl is well versed in spiritual healing and was a Heal Your Life Practitioner with Louise Hay’s program for six years. She uses her life experience and spiritual wisdom in Emotional Rescue® and in home study courses Shifting Gears® and Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach, to help you overcome emotional trauma and live in your power for a more peaceful, productive and happy life. Emotional Rescue will help you to gain internal power, become stronger and more able to cope with life’s experiences, helping you to release your past traumas and create lasting peace.


Connect with Cheryl

Cheryl is the Owner and Founder of Soul Star Connections and Developer of the Emotional Rescue® process and Shifting Gears®, specialising in recovery from traumatic life experiences and internal power losses. Cheryl is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Counsellor, a Workshop Facilitator and Trainer.

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