Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos, Breast Cancer Survivor photoKathleen has a powerful story to share about how important it is to use the messages from our dreams to direct us in the course of our lives.

Kathleen’s view of ‘surviving cancerland’ helps us to reclaim our power in healing because she really shows us that no matter what happens, when we believe in ourselves and our own ability to heal, we really can beat cancer.

The spiritual aspect of healing is one we have not explored very much at all, but Kathleen shows us that it is one part of healing that will correctly guide us to do what needs to be done, despite what others have planned for us.


Kathleen’s Message to You

“Our bodies have been speaking to us since the beginnings of time, long before there were mammograms, long before there were physical exams, we knew when we were pregnant, we knew when we were getting sick, we knew everything that our body was talking to us!

There is almost always a point in the process of illness where logic, reason, and medical expertise fails. It’s at this point a patient slips through the cracks, sometimes never to recover.

I survived breast cancer—twice. I survived by using something many in the medical field do not even acknowledge as being real. My innate intuition and prophetic dreams. Learn to listen to them. They may save your life one day.

I used my intuition and dreams to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment, often against the vehement advice of my doctors, in my healing process. I always worked with my doctors, but never forgot to self-advocate and make the final decisions. I hope my story can help others make better decisions.”



“We have female intuition. Our bodies have been speaking to us from the beginnings of time.”

“Long before there were mammograms, long before there were physical exams, we knew when we were pregnant, we knew when we were getting sick, we knew everything that our body was talking to us.”

“We have to self advocate. We have to be in charge of our life, of our health; because if we’re not then we only have ourselves to blame if things don’t go well.”

“If you are involved in your treatment it’s even more fixable.”

“You have all the questions and you have all the answers, all you have to do is look within.”

“Believe! If you believe in something you can do it, you bring it into manifestation.”

“Believe, believe in yourself, believe in your guides.”




Kathleen’s Book:

Surviving Cancerland

Kathleen OKeefe Kanavos' journey through breast cancerSurviving Cancerland: The Intuitive Aspects of Healing by Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos

Sometimes you don’t know what you are made of until you start to fall apart and your best parts pop out and hold you together. We are made up of so much more than id, ego and super ego. Often, bad things happen to good people. That is life. But, you don’t have to be a victim of circumstances. 

“I embarked on a similar journey to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when I fell down the rabbit hole of Traumaland. As a child I had been encouraged to suppress my intuitive gifts of hearing voices and drawing auras. It was not acceptable in school or church. I locked my intuitions away in the depths of my mind. But, when my life was threatened by misdiagnosis and Hospital Policy my guides blew off the doors of their cell and flew to my rescue. Rather than being a victim of circumstances, I self advocated and became an active participant in my life.”

Traumaland is the intellectual, emotional, and intuitive amusement park of crisis where every ride, game, and attraction demonstrates a different aspect of humanity’s complexities and individualism during the process of healing. Surviving Traumaland provides multiple explanations of the way things are in the physical, spiritual, psychic, and dream world of trauma. Crisis is humbling and comes in many forms. It can be a life threatening illness, a lifestyle change, divorce, death, financial downturns, or all of the above. It is guaranteed to knock you down with its series of catastrophes that begin with discovery, often with no end in sight. Intuition can play an important part in survival and is defined as instinctively knowing without conscious reasoning. If we have Gut-Instincts, we can tap into our physician-within. 

It is time to stop ignoring ourselves and discover our voices. Every challenge we overcame creates a new part of our inner voice/personality. In order to effectively battle crisis, we must get in touch with our inner selves and work together toward the goal of survival by using everything available to us. By searching within ourselves through dreams, meditation, or prayer, we will find our own set of answers to any challenge. 

The Faces Behind The Pages That Inspire: A Victim No More

The Faces behind the pages that Inspire (A Victim No More) photoKathleen O’Keefe Kanavos is a contributor to this very inspiring book.

The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire (A Victim No More)

Following her personal journey to wholeness and self-love, Lori Rekowski became curious about the people who selflessly post inspiration and support for total strangers, day after day. She was so impressed by this generosity that she embarked upon a mission to find the people behind the Fan Pages.

Rekowski shares: “For years, I’ve done my best to listen, pray, meditate and ask for guidance that would allow me to do work that would help me to heal others in a way that is in the highest good for the concern of all others. In the process of practicing this, I am always blessed. This project has been no exception.” 

Kathleen’s Protocol

Here is a list of the alternative things I did during and after my cancer treatments. I used all these natural remedies rather than taking more pills.

  1. Made and drank Kambucha Tea to rebuild my immune system.
  2. Switched to only organic foods that did not contain growth hormones or antibiotics because my cancer was hormone receptive. This included dairy such as milk, butter and eggs.
  3. Nightly Epsom-salts soaks to remove toxins from my body.
  4. Listened to relaxing and meditational tapes, like chants during my nightly bath.
  5. Used exercise to help with insomnia.
  6. Used meditation to help with anxiety attacks.
  7. Kept and drank fresh water beside my bed to deal with hot flashes and night sweats during treatment. Changed into clean T-Shirts made of organic cotton.
  8. Took daily short walks. You must give energy to get energy.
  9. Drank herbal teas such as Chamomile to settle my stomach.
  10. Drank a half glass of organic RED wine before meals to stimulate my appetite and counteract the side effects of radiation.
  11. Took liquid organic vitamins.
  12. Brushed my teeth with organic toothpaste and flossed with hydrogen peroxide during treatment.
  13. Used prophetic dreams to convince my doctors that I had cancer, decide on a course of treatment, and as emotional therapy.
  14. Replaced florescent light bulbs beside my bed with soothing/healing colored light bulbs from the health food store
  15. I am a Reiki Master. My living room has 5 corners. I hid the Reiki symbols in the 5 corners to give that room a healing environment.


Kathleen’s Expertise

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is a two-time breast cancer survivor who penned SURVIVING CANCERLAND: The Psychic Aspects of HealingKathleen is a phone counsellor for R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation, Q&A cancer columnist for CapeWomenOnlineMagazine, an inspirational speaker, mentor, cancer volunteer, and Cambridge Who’s Who, Executive Professional of the Year 2009-2010.


Connect with Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos

Kathleen’s Website: www.survivingcancerland.com